Sunday, July 12th, 2020

Chhattisgarh tops in spending on social sector services

Dr.-Raman-Singh-INVC-NEWSINVC NEWS Raipur, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today said that Chhattisgarh tops the list of States which spends on social services sector in the entire country. The State spends 15. 8 per cent of the total G.S.D.P on providing social benefits to the masses and improving their lives. The other states spend 7. 9 per cent of G.S.D.P.  The fiscal management is better says Reserve Bank Of Bank in its latest report for 2017. The loan burden is 14.6 per cent of G.S.D.P. when compared to 23.2 per cent of the rest of the States. It is the minimum. The revenue expenditure on interest on loans is 4.5 per cent while other states loan interest is 11.4 per cent. Chhattisgarh is on the top of the list. Due to better fiscal management the burden of loans and interests is by far minimum on the State.



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