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Tuesday, October 20th, 2020

Chetan Mathur, a dynamic personality, with mastery in Supply Chain Strategy  

New Delhi,

Chetan Mathur is a dynamic personality with a vision to expand his businesses globally. He has been contributing to Supply Chain Management industry at international levels for more than twenty years with the same zeal. He is passionate to create value through learning and leadership. Mr Mathur has always believed in the idea of creating innovative solutions to catch up to the current retail scenario by promoting responsible sourcing solutions.


In accordance with the competitive environment and continuous changes in global markets, Mr Mathur has been recently working very closely with producers, brands and retailers to achieve “sustainable solutions” for creating a transparent and traceable product cycle. His insight market knowledge has contributed to his focus on creating an overall Sustainable Value System for the whole supply chain. As an Entrepreneur, Chetan also has a varied interest in the IT industry and has contributions as a seed investor in a few startups.


Chetan Mathur is an active participant of two promising companies- Warp & Weft International and Medusa Source. He is the CEO of Warp & Weft International. WWI a specialized product sourcing company for 40+ years managing sourcing requirements for stores, retailers, wholesalers & importers worldwide. It deals in a vast array of Home Decor products ranging from Soft Furnishings, Hard Goods, Furniture and Decorative. And he is also the Managing Partner of Medusa Source. It’s a Supply chain management company providing end-to-end product sourcing solutions for fashion brands, labels & retailers worldwide. The product line includes RTW garments, fashion accessories, footwear & cosmetics.



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