Thursday, May 28th, 2020

Chennai Super Kings gets Fit for Glory with CrossFit

Derk Nannes, Micheal Hussey, Baba Aprajith , Dwayne Bravo , Reebok CrossFitNVC, Chennai, Reebok, the world’s leading fitness brand has trained athletes across various sports with its innovative workout regime–CrossFit. This modern form of work out is quick and can be performed outdoors without traditional gym equipment, thus making it ideal for sportsmen who are always on a run apart from there regular fitness enthusiast.      Vouching for CrossFit as the ultimate fitness routine, Michael Hussey, Dwayne Bravo, Dirk Nannes and Baba Aparajit of Chennai Super Kings, a team sponsored by Reebok, came together to talk more about this form of workout. CrossFit is primarily a form of workout that combines the goodness of various sports across segments like sprinting, gymnastics, powerlifting, weightlifting and rowing, among other activities. With Reebok and CrossFit joining hands, fitness has now become a sport with the sole mantra of becoming faster, fitter and stronger with every workout. This new form of workout is fast gaining popularity amongst athletes, sportsmen and the glamour industry. Since it works every muscle in the body, it’s a great overall workout and gives you an evenly toned body. It is a short but intense workout which is also great for someone who cannot commit too much time at the gym, and hence is easy to incorporate in a work-out at home.



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