Chat GPT and Google Bard will destroy human creativity
Chat GPT and Google Bard will destroy human creativity

Will Chat GPT and Google Bard destroy  human creativity , This question has become a topic of discussion for creative people all over the world, many new technologies have challenged the human mind even before this?

International Conference on Recent Advances in Technology, Engineering, Science and Management (ICRATSM 2023), held in the city of Mumbai. One of its main objectives was to promote sustainable development in stages by solving technical constraints.

Speaking as the keynote speaker in the inaugural session of the conference, Dr. DP Sharma, International Digital Diplomat, Scientist and Prime Minister Nominated National Ambassador of Swachh Bharat Mission said that the world is now standing at a technological crossroad from where we have to change its human rethinking. The aspects of making technology useful. Need to work harder on the mission of controlling its side effects.

An Untold Story about the Struggle and Determination of Dr. DP Sharma

Recently, while discussing the side effects of the development of innovative technical software through Artificial Intelligence like Open AI Chat GPT and Google Bard, he said that if we do not reinvent ourselves and blindly follow the technology, then this technology will make the coming generation negligent and slothful and indolent.

We cannot go back in the world of technological development, but we can control its outturn account by analyzing the technological development that is happening at 360 degree angle. Instead of focusing only on 180 degree future, we have to look at 180 degree history also so that technology can be made a boon instead of a curse.

In this conference, scientists from Uzbekistan, Philippines and United States and many other countries presented/ demonstrated their research.



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