Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

Chandigarh is Capital of Medical Tourism in Hair Transplant

kulbir kalsiKulbir Kalsi, INVC, Chandigarh The World Health Day marks a special occasion for city beautiful, Chandigarh. Why? The answer is simple. People from across the globe have declared the city as the ‘Capital of Medical Tourism in Hair Transplant’. And when it comes to hair transplantation, Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Tejinder Bhatti, who is well-renowned in the field, becomes the true ambassador for what is being claimed around the world. Dr Bhatti believes that across the globe, be it UK, USA, UAE, South Africa, Europe or Russia, people cannot stand baldness. “It is a matter of embarrassment for them and they need to set it right.” Hear it from a patient, Reid Crowley from Darling Buds, London Centre, “Chandigarh offers a perfect deal as far as cost and acceptability is concerned.”

Baldness not a bane  :  In 2012, Dr. Bhatti Hair Transplant Clinic ‘Darling Buds’ in Sector 32, soon to be shifted to Sector 17 as City Plaza Clinic, treated as many as 400 patients of Alopecia with FUE Technique. Out of them, 30 percent are foreigners and the rest are NRIs. Reid Crowley adds, “In UK, the treatment of baldness costs around 25-30 thousand pounds, but in Chandigarh the complete package, which includes visiting India, treatment, post treatment care, costs less than a fifth of the total cost in UK.” Crowley is not alone, Says Paul Jenkins from South America, “No doubt there are advanced techniques in America, but the results are better here in Chandigarh. Cost obviously does matter, but here it is quite affordable.” Reid has much more to say, “We travel all the way because we get good results with Dr Bhatti; it’s the best in the world here in Chandigarh. In UK, there are only a few indigenous doctors, rest are all from abroad, so why not get the best in Chandigarh from Dr Bhatti. In UK, celebrities like Wayne Rooney (footballer), George Clooney (actor) and Jude Law (actor) have gone for hair transplantation, but we are getting the best here in India. There is nothing better we can imagine.” Paul Jenkins shares his opinion, “It is easy for patients to come to India. We get the best here and it is an English-speaking country, so it becomes easier for us. The cost here is like a complete holiday package.” The man behind the whole show Dr Bhatti is as unassuming as it can get, he is humble to the core. He shares his opinion, “We have so many NRI patients who do not want to reveal their identity and we respect that. They get hair transplanted to look young and it is natural. They search the Internet for the best surgeon around the globe and most of them reach me. Many now come through word of mouth after hearing success stories from people like Reid Crowley. It is an honour for me.” Reid adds the last word, “There are some agencies in UK that get the best surgeons from different countries, but they charge heavily for it. The FUE technique used here is very affordable. So, Chandigarh is what people prefer and Dr Bhatti is the best in the business.”



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