The forecast of the Meteorological Department is going to provide relief for the north-western states. There is a possibility of good rain in North India in the month of July. On Friday, the Meteorological Department issued a forecast regarding the rain for the month of July, saying that it could be between 94-106 percent of the normal. That is, it can be 6 percent less or more than normal.

Normal rainfall in the month of July means 280.4 mm of rain. This quantity has been determined on the basis of data from 1971-2020. The Meteorological Department said that the northern, central and southern parts may receive above normal rainfall in July, while the northeastern part may receive below normal rainfall. Monsoon clouds have covered almost the entire country till July 1. Despite the timely onset of monsoon in the country, the month of June recorded 8 per cent less rainfall than normal. The Meteorological Department has divided the entire country into 36 divisions. Barring the northeastern part, 20 divisions are on the verge of drought.

Delhi, Haryana, Western UP, Eastern UP and Jharkhand are also included in 55 percent of the divisions with below normal rainfall. According to the Meteorological Department, between June 1 and June 30, the country received only 152 mm of rain as against 165 mm, which is eight percent less. If we look at the four parts of the country, the Northeast has received 22 percent more rainfall than normal.

But north-west India has received 12 percent less rain, central India 30 and south India 14 percent less. Out of the total 36 divisions, 20 divisions are where there is less rainfall. Out of the remaining 16 divisions, six have received above normal rainfall and 10 have received normal rainfall. The rain deficit has been recorded the most in the central, north-west areas of the country. If this shortfall persists even in July, then the planting of paddy in these states may be affected. According to the Meteorological Department, rain has become normal in the northwestern states of Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir.


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