Decoding Chanakya’s Insights on Extramarital Attractions


Mumbai  : The enigmatic realm of extramarital attractions, explored through the lens of Chanakya’s ancient wisdom, unveils complex human emotions and societal norms. Chanakya, an esteemed Indian philosopher and strategist of yore, articulated his insights in the ‘Arthashastra’, a treatise encompassing the breadth of ethics, wealth, desire, and liberation, alongside the nuanced dynamics of relationships. His teachings retain their profound relevance in contemporary society.

The Early Marriage Conundrum

Marriages forged in the youthful years can often plant seeds of unrest in the matrimonial landscape. Chanakya contends that a young mind, not fully matured in wisdom and judgment, may find itself at odds with life’s evolving priorities. As careers and personal aspirations take flight, a sense of missed opportunities may emerge, fueling a quest for fulfillment outside the marital bond.

The Physical Connection

 In the tapestry of marriage, physical intimacy weaves a crucial thread. Its absence can diminish the magnetism between partners, often becoming a silent harbinger of emotional distance. Chanakya posits that the lack of physical fulfillment isn’t merely confined to the bedroom; it extends to the realms of emotional and verbal expression. The deficiency in this intimate connection can pave the way for extramarital forays.

The Fissures of Trust

The bedrock of marital union, according to Chanakya, is loyalty. A relationship thrives on the sustenance of mutual trust. However, once this cornerstone is fractured, resurrecting the bond becomes an arduous task. Breaches in trust not only exacerbate the situation but can also lead individuals to perceive extramarital relationships as a misguided achievement.

The Chasm of Emotional Distance

The pursuit of happiness in marriage is not solely about shared joys; it’s equally about mental and emotional congruence. Chanakya alerts to the perils of neglect, lack of quality time, and a focus on each other’s flaws. Such scenarios inevitably push one or both partners to seek new sources of happiness, potentially outside the marriage.

The Advent of Parenthood

Transitioning to parenthood, as per Chanakya, marks a significant shift in priorities for both men and women. The arrival of a child introduces profound changes in the couple’s relationship dynamics. Often, the diminished couple time and altered focus can inadvertently lead individuals to seek attention and affection elsewhere, slipping into extramarital liaisons.”


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