Chanakya Niti says that due to these reasons man never gets happiness

Acharya Chanakya Policy
Acharya Chanakya Policy

Chanakya Niti says that Acharya Chanakya has mentioned many such things in his policies, by following which a person starts getting success. Unknowingly you make some such mistakes whose results are not pleasant. In such a situation, you must keep these things in mind. To become a strong and intense personality, the policies told by Chanakya are considered relevant even today. His policies are considered very effective to make man successful. It is not possible that there should always be happiness and peace in a person’s life. In such a situation, some things told by Chanakya must be kept in mind.

Many times it happens that people living in a married couple do not have good nature towards each other. Often there is a rift between both of them, there is discord in the house every day. The happiness and peace of such people is taken away forever. Try that while choosing your partner, definitely test and identify his/her nature.

Often a person has a desire for something that he does not have. He keeps thinking about her whose effect starts spoiling their present as well. By doing this, wrong thoughts also start coming in the mind. Sudden calamities also come in a happy going life.

Everyone wants the happiness of a child. There are no parents who do not raise their child well. But, when the same children become troublesome, then the happiness and peace of life is snatched away. You are worried all the time.

When a person compares himself with others, he is often upset. He spends most of his potential in becoming like her and when he does not get success, he becomes restless. He is always mentally disturbed.


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