Chaitra Navratri: Devotees Flock to Siddha Peethas for Fulfillment of Wishes


Kannauj :
The Mata Pathwari Devi is present in this Siddha Peeth temple of Kannauj district. It is believed here that people come with the desire of having a son. When the wishes are fulfilled, people come here and perform special puja. Besides, Pathwari Mata is also known as the mother who protects Kannauj. This temple is built in Mohalla Patkana, 7 kilometers away from Kannauj bus stand.

People come from far and wide to the Siddha Peeth Mata Phoolmati temple built in Kannauj to take the miraculous water of Mata. It is believed that this water proves to be a boon in people’s problems related to eyes and white spots. This temple is built on Makarand Nagar road, about 3 kilometers from the railway station.

The Siddha Peeth of Mata Annapurna, who is known as the goddess of food, is built in Kannauj. It is situated in Tirva area at a distance of about 12 kilometers from Kannauj headquarters. It is like gold for the devotees. It is believed that people take the soil from the premises of Mata’s temple with them. Farmers keep it in their fields and women in their kitchens. Due to this there is never any shortage of produce from the fields or anything else in the house.

Siddha Peeth Mata Kalka Devi Temple is built in Chhibramau area of Kannauj. It is believed that the idol of Mother Goddess installed here changes color three times a day. And the wishes of the devotees are fulfilled here. A large crowd of devotees also gather in this temple during Navratri.

Siddha Peeth Mata Kshemkali Temple is situated near Raja Jaichand Fort, about 4 kilometers from Kannauj Bus Stand. The belief here is such that even today the Goddess Shaktis keep visiting this temple through the sky. Many times attempts were made to build a roof in this temple. But, it breaks on its own


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