CGHS Beneficiaries Granted Extension: Link ID to ABHA within 120 Days


New Delhi : It was said that the process of linking the ID and ABHA of CGHS beneficiaries will start from April 1st. Various ministries and departments of the Central Government were asked to complete this work in thirty days. Now the deadline for making Abha ID has been extended. This deadline has been extended for three months (90 days) from June 30.

Along with this, the time period for linking Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) ID with Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) has also been extended. This has been increased by 120 days. That means, CGHS and ABHA will have to be linked within 120 days from June 30. To help CGHS beneficiaries in this work, kiosks will be installed at all the wellness centres. These kiosks will start functioning by June 30.

Last year, a screenshot of a WhatsApp chat (message) went viral on social media. It was said in it that CGHS and Ayushman Bharat Health Account are being linked. Many types of misconceptions were spreading among the beneficiaries through that message. Like, why does the government want to take that step? Were any rules of treatment in government and private hospitals to be changed by that order?

At that time the Central Government had denied the message that went viral on social media. PIB Fact Check had declared it to be completely fake. In an office memorandum issued by the Central Government Directorate General of Health Schemes on March 28 this year, it was said that CGHS and Ayushman Bharat Health Account should be linked.


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