Ceremony for Presenting the 2009 Russian Federation National Awards




On Russia Day in the Kremlin’s St George Hall, Dmitry Medvedev presented the 2009 Russian National Awards to the best representatives of the Russian art and science.

The 2009 Russian Federation National Award in Literature and Arts was presented to: Sergei Dzevanovsky, director of the St Petersburg Glinka Choir College, for his contribution to the development of Russian education and training of talented musicians; to Yevgeny Yevtushenko, poet, for his outstanding contribution to the development of Russia culture; and to Denis Matsuev, pianist, for his contribution to the development and promotion of Russian music.

The 2009 Russian Federation National Award in Science and Technology was presented to physicists Nikolai Vinokurov and Vladislav Panchenko, neurosurgeon Alexander Potapov, oncologist Valery Chissov, and  chemist Valentin Parmon.

The ceremony was followed by a reception hosted on the Kremlin’s Ivanovskaya Square on behalf of the President to celebrate the national holiday – Russia Day, and to honour the 2009 National Award winners.

Dmitry Medvedev presented
Dmitry Medvedev presented


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