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Monday, September 27th, 2021

Central bank of India Celebrates 131st BIRTH ANNIVERSARY of Sir Sorabji Pochkhanavala



Central Bank ofIndiapaid  a tribute to  its Founder Sir Sorabji Pochkhanavala on his 131st birth anniversary with the launch of ‘Cent SWA- SHAKTI FLEXI RDS’, to empower wealth creation amongst various sections of the society. Central Bank also organized a Road Show at Sector 34 round about to create awareness on Wealth Creation and empowering one’s financial stability on this auspicious day for the Bank. On this occasion Bank also opened 5 Branches in Chandigarh Zone and total 51 new branches all over India.(in a single day ).

 Elaborating the salient features of new deposit scheme, Shri Akbaraly informed that under this scheme  interest calculation is done on daily product basis; there is no penal interest on delayed payment of installments and on pre mature closure of deposits. No income tax will be deducted by Bank at source on the interest income under this Scheme. The installment amount is flexible.

 Zonal Manager Shri  Akbaraly greeted the people of City Beautiful  in a road-show organized at Sector 34-35 round-about and propagated the spirit of ‘Self- Empowerment’ by spreading awareness about  financially sustainable self-reliance.

The portrait of Founder Sir Sorabji Pochkhanwala was garlanded by Zonal Manager and all staff members took pledge to practise profession faithfully with conscience, dignity and values laid by the Founder.  It was also pledged to satisfy the customers and perform job with loyalty to the institution.

Shri Akbaraly in his address to staff emphasized the need to safeguard the interest of all stake-holders and ensure that Bank earn profits so that the value of stake-holders is increased. He further appealed to staff members to fulfill the requirements of the weaker and needy sections.



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