Celebrate your eternal bond of love & care with Sibling Tees



New Delhi,  
Alma Mater, India's largest online customized apparel and merchandise brand launches Exclusive Sibling T-Shirts  to celebrate  this Raksha Bandhan in a unique way. The Sibling T-Shirt collection is inspired by the eternal bond of love and care within siblings.

Keeping in mind the slangs which are used by the siblings and peers on daily basis, Alma Mater has come up with the designs which are quite relatable and that’s the speciality of relationship clothing. The primary focus of Alma Mater is to promote customized and relationship clothing.

There are 17 unique designs  which are available in the Exclusive Raksha Bandhan collection including  “Behen Bhai Tees, Awesome Brother – Sister, Dekh bhai Pakaa Mat, Dude Bhai – Cute behen, Smarty Bhai – Heroine Behen, Jal Mat – Chal Hatt, Mera Bhai Sambhaal Lega – Meri Behen Sambhaal Legi and more.

Alma Mater is indulged with designers working and brainstorming every month to create some unique designs on t-shirts which are quirky, Trendy, and unique in designs.

Talking about the quality of the product, All the T-Shirts manufactured at Alma Mater are made of 100% premium cotton and the fabrics are made within the country only. The Premium quality fabric is pre shrunk and bio washed to give it luxurious feel. Coming up to the Printing part, eco and skin friendly dyes are used for color fastness and comforts.

Alma Mater uses 100% premium cotton for all our orders. The fabric and the products are made in India. We use super rich Combed cotton yarns for the production of our fabric. The

 The fabric used for the T-Shirt is pre-shrunk and bio washed to give it luxurious feel. We use ecofriendly and skin friendly dyes for color fastness and comfort. The customers can also customize and get their own artwork printed on the t-shirts and hoodies in 3 simple steps online using Alma Mater Design Studio and reduce the hassle


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