Every year, almost 1,42,870 tonnes of plastic flag waste is generated on Independence Day. Out of which, only 29,650 tonnes of the waste gets treated. As an alternative, some environment conscious people suggest using a paper flag instead but that is not a viable solution either. After all, almost 93% of paper is manufactured from chopping down trees and an average of 5 litres of water is needed to produce one piece of A4 sized paper. This also largely contributes to deforestation and the water crisis.

The harmful effects of plastics have led the masses to believe that using paper as a replacement for plastic is an eco-friendly choice but it isn’t. Moreover, what’s the point in such patriotism and decorations when our national flags have to be dumped across the streets the next day? Not only the roads are littered, or drains are clogged but the risks of choking stray animals also significantly increase.

So, what’s a better way to celebrate Independence Day without harming the environment but keeping the celebrative spirit alive? Well, Seed Paper India has brought a revolution to the country by launching its innovative Plantable flags.

*What is a Seed Paper Flag? *

Seed paper flags are made with biodegradable paper, printed with organic ink, and have seeds of herbs, flowers, fruits or vegetables embedded in them. This biodegradable handmade paper is made from discarded cotton fibres, old clothes, discarded face masks, and a lot more.

 *Advantages of Switching to Plantable Flags*

By saving tonnes of wastage, seed paper flags are the perfect solution to the plastic or paper flag dilemma. These zero waste flags can be sown in moist soil after their use instead of dumping them in garbage cans. Within five to seven days, these flags can sprout into saplings making a huge difference, one flag at a time.

 *How Will a Seed Paper Flag Save the Environment?*

A Plantable flag not only reduces waste generation but also makes it easier to plant new trees and makes the surroundings greener. While you will see children selling plastic flags at traffic signals, bus stops and railways stations before Independence Day, make a difference by educating them and people around you to replace them with seed flags made using biodegradable paper.

 By using Seed Paper Flags, India will go green this Independence Day like never before. From decorations to gifts, distribute Plantable flags and inspire your friends and family to celebrate waste-free Independence Day.

Speaking about this Roshan Ray, Founder of SEED PAPER INDIA  said that “The idea for a flag made of seed paper first germinated when I saw the number of plastic flags sold on the street. It really hit me hard and thus I came up with this idea of biodegradable flags. Plastic flags ultimately end up in dustbins or on the roadside. Thus, not only is the paper biodegradable but it saves water as well. The Ink we use is Biodegradable and Organic Ink which does not harm the environment”!


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