The recent series of raids conducted by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has further intensified the challenges faced by RJD supremo Lalu Prasad in the land-for-job case. On Tuesday morning, the CBI carried out extensive searches at various locations throughout the country, including Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, and Patna. This article will delve into the details of these raids and shed light on the investigations surrounding Lalu’s close aide and RJD MLA, Kiran Devi.

1. CBI Raids MLA Kiran Devi’s Residences

The CBI team, in its pursuit of evidence, spent approximately five hours searching the premises of RJD MLA Kiran Devi and her husband, Arun Yadav, in Bhojpur, including their government residence in Patna. One of the locations under scrutiny was the government residence at number 28 in Patna Haj Bhawan, which belongs to Kiran Devi, a trusted associate of Lalu Prasad.

2. Concurrent Raids at Multiple Locations

Simultaneously, another raid was underway at MLA Kiran Devi’s residence in Agiaon, situated within the Gadhani police station area of Bhojpur district. The CBI ensured the presence of Central Security Force personnel during these searches to maintain law and order. Additionally, the Patna residence had other staff members, including servants, present during the raid.

3. Timeframe and Key Individuals Involved

Sources revealed that the search operation at Kiran Devi’s residence began at 6 am and continued for several hours. Alongside the MLA, other family members, including present and former MLAs, were also present at the location. Furthermore, close associates of Kiran Devi were gradually arriving at the residence while CBI officers arrived in different vehicles, with the jawans arriving by bus.

4. Kiran Devi’s Husband, Arun Yadav

Arun Yadav, Kiran Devi’s husband, has previously held the position of an MLA. Notably, he is a prominent sand trader in Bhojpur, with his business expanding from Ara to Patna. Due to Arun Yadav’s incarceration, the RJD fielded Kiran Devi as a candidate from the Sandesh assembly constituency in the last election.

As the CBI intensifies its investigations into the land-for-job case, the recent raids conducted at various locations, including those linked to RJD MLA Kiran Devi, have garnered significant attention. The prolonged search operations at the residences of Kiran Devi and her husband Arun Yadav have the potential to unravel crucial evidence. It remains to be seen how these developments will impact the ongoing case and Lalu Prasad’s political future.


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