New Delhi,
It has been reported in a section of media on 3rd January & 4th January, 2022 that 21 number of instances of Sexual Assault forwarded by NHRC, were closed by CBI alleging that no evidence of Rape, Attempt to Rape, Molestation, Sexual Assault was found in those complaints. News have been published saying it to be based on source input and Second Status Report dated 22.12.2021 submitted by CBI in the Hon’ble Calcutta High Court on Post Poll Violence Cases.

It may be stated that Hon’ble Calcutta High Court had ordered CBI on 19.08.2021 to investigate the incidents involving offences of murder, rape & attempt to rape. As such, CBI has registered the cases meeting only these criteria which are under progress.

It is clarified that CBI had received 29 number of complaints of sexual offences from NHRC  till 22.12.2021. Out of these, 02 cases have been decided by CBI for handing over to State SIT on the grounds of nature of offences, inline with the mandate given in the orders of the Hon’ble Calcutta High Court. Further, two complaints relating to same incident of sexual assault were received by CBI which were amalgamated, resulting in registration of only one regular case for investigation. Remaining cases are under progress.

It may also be mentioned that State Police had referred 64 number of incidents to CBI in furtherance of High Court order. Out of it, 39 number of offences were taken over by CBI by registering regular cases, 04 references are under process while 21 number of references were returned to State Police/SIT on the ground of nature of offence, as CBI has been mandated in the order of the Hon’ble Calcutta High Court dated 19.08.2021 to investigate post-poll violence cases of Murder, Rape & attempt to Rape.

As such, the reports, published in a section of media alleging that CBI has found no evidence in 21 cases listed as offence of Sexual Assault by NHRC, contain misrepresentation of facts, are blatantly mischievous, grossly misleading & entirely false. Accordingly, the same are strongly denied.

It may be mentioned that at the time of submission of Status Report, CBI had registered 50 number of Regular Cases and one Preliminary Enquiry into the incidents of Post Poll Violence. By the time of submission of Status Report, CBI had submitted Charge Sheet in 10 cases while remaining cases are under progress.


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