CBI arrests zonal manager of npcc ltd. and six others including other public servant and private persons in an alleged bribery of rs. 25 lakh


New Delhi,
The Central Bureau of Investigation has arrested the Zonal Manager and Manager (Engineering), both of NPCC Ltd. and five private persons including two Directors of Guwahati based private firm in an alleged bribery of Rs. 25 lakh.

A case was registered against eight accused including Zonal Manager, NPCC Ltd., Silchar (Assam); Manager (Engineering) NPCC Ltd., Jalpaiguri (West Bengal) ; two Directors of a Guwahati based private construction company; their associates based at Delhi/Guwahati/Gwalior. It was alleged that the Guwahati based private construction company was awarded civil construction work related to Border Out Post of the Border Security Force (B.S.F). The Zonal Manager, NPCC Ltd. and Manager (Engineering), NPCC Ltd. allegedly demanded a bribe of Rs. 33 lakh (approx.) from the Director of the private construction company, based at Guwahati for processing and passing of bills related to this said civil construction work . It was further alleged that the Director of this private company arranged a transfer of Rs. 25 lakh to Delhi according to instructions of the Zonal Manager of NPCC Ltd through Hawala operation. It was also alleged that the Zonal Manager of NPCC Ltd instructed his relative based at Gwalior to go to Delhi to collect the bribe amount of Rs. 25 lakh. The Director of the private company directed his employee to deliver Rs. 25 lakh to the relative of the Zonal Manager of NPCC Ltd. CBI team apprehended the relative of the Zonal Manager, NPCC Ltd. along with the acquaintance of this relative and the employee of the Director of the private construction company with the alleged bribe amount of Rs. 25 lakh.

 Searches have been conducted at 18 locations at the premises of accused including public servants, private persons, middleman etc. at Delhi, Silchar, Jalpaiguri, Guwahati, and Gwalior which have led to recovery of several incriminating documents/articles.

All the arrested accused are being produced today before the Competent Courts.



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