Friday, July 10th, 2020

CBI Arrests Seven Persons In An On-Going Investigation Into The Alleged Murder Of Shri Ziaul Haque, Then Circle Officer, Kunda(U.P)

ZIAUL HAQUEINVC, Kunda, The Central Bureau of Investigation has arrested seven persons in an on-going investigation into the alleged murder Shri Ziaul Haque, then Circle Officer, Kunda (U.P) on 02.03.2013. In this case, four persons have been arrested earlier on 13.4.2013. The seven persons arrested yesterday include four associates & two neighbours of the earlier arrested persons and one person, a private guard in the household of an ex-Minister.  The CBI had registered four cases on 07.03.2013 relating to alleged murder of three persons, including Shri Ziaul Haque, Deputy Superintendent of Police of Uttar Pradesh and two other persons, namely Shri Nanhe Yadav & his brother Shri Suresh Yadav, both of District Pratapgarh (UP) in separate incidents on 02.03.2013 on the request of UP Govt and after Notification by Govt of India.  CBI has taken up the investigation of these cases which were earlier registered by Uttar Pradesh Police. Further Investigation is in progress to examine the role of other accused/conspirators in these cases.



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