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The Force is working with zeal and high order of professionalism

The Great Visioners Award 2021 is back with its Second Edition to felicitate the Champions of Covid-19

Poddar foundation conducts campaigns and programs to help empower women from disadvantaged and marginalized backgrounds.

India has demonstrated an exponential increase in the number of COVID-19 cumulative tests since Jan 2020

Technology to convert stubble into manure & bio-gas available

75,000 farmers attend, as CII Agro & Food Tech 2020 concludes

Bigger Homes – Increasing the Line of Control

Leg pain or muscle cramps? -  It could be symptoms of deep vein thrombosis

Newgen Software Reports Net Profit of Rs 29.2cr in Q2 FY’21, up 220% QoQ

This will help in measurements of macroeconomic indicators of the Indian economy

भ्रष्टाचार रोकने को विजिलेंस कमीशन

30 लाख सरकारी कर्मचारियों को मिलेगा दिवाली बोनस

India has sustained its trend of maintaining the active cases below the 7.5 lakh mark for the 2nd successive day

Technology should be a great enabler to make life convenient for the masses

सबसे पहले इनको मिलेगी कोरोना वैक्सीन-  सरकार किया खाका तैयार

Payouts, registered more than 300% growth during the pandemic induced lockdown period

पंजाब ऐसा करने वाला पहला राज्य बना

43% of brands and marketers in Asia- Pacific are still finding ways to measure and optimize business 

Ineffective processing of Wastes are the root of all diseases

पर्यटन को मिलेगी अब रफ्तार

This ought to serve as a good lesson for all the state government which were being negligent in planning for the festival season

The active cases now comprise 10.45% of the total positive cases of the country

India has leaped across a significant milestone in its fight against COVID

लग रही कोरोना पर लगाम! एक्टिव केस अब 8 लाख से कम

India continues to report one of the lowest deaths per million population which stands at 81 today

Handicrafts is the second largest income generating industry in the country today after agriculture

When you respect your body, you are respecting yourselves as well

Eye care needs to be made an integral part of Universal health coverage

The positive impact of remote monitoring has been proven repeatedly and leads to better patient outcomes

Renal Complications on the rise amid COVID