Friday, September 20th, 2019


Fighting Against “Gandh”

The film is based on the issue of how big powers manipulate the resources and people of the country : Kyriacos Tofarides

The South American film industry is not growing because of lack of sufficient fund for completion of films : Ana Guevara

Shemaroo Entertainment releases Madras Café on Home Video

भोजपुरी सिनेमा के पचास साल

The films depict the essence of life and preservation of culture : Veena Bakshi

Indian filmmaker breaks tradition by making film in Taliban territory in Afghanistan

Indo-Canadian Woman Long Ago Accused Of Multi Million Dollar Ponzi Finally Charged Former Notary Rashida Samji Charged With 2 8 Counts Of Fraud And Theft

Fake music concert in Sukhwinder Singh’s name in Toronto

Instead of looking at elderly people as liability by the younger ones, he feels that they are a great resource for leading the society : Sabyasachi Mohapatra

The new environment for filmmaking in Japan is very encouraging : Japanese filmmakers

Justice can be done to such films even without big budget : Shayne Ehman

MIFF has an enormous goodwill among independent documentary and short film makers : VS Kundu

Sarah Abramyan Twin Flame of Hrithik Roshan

मंजुल भारद्वाज का नाटक “ड्राप बाय ड्राप : वाटर” यूरोप में मंचित


गायक एैजी ऐश की एलबम ‘क्रेजी लव’ रिलीज

MTV Hero Roadies X1 – Ride for Respect! Auditions kick off in Chandigarh

India has a rich history of film-making and is always eager to make films which broaden our horizon : Susan Sarandon

What we showcase here is a platform for diverse thoughts : Manish Tewar

The commitment of the organisers of the festival got doubled as the 2013 edition of IFFI marks the completion of hundred years of Indian cinema : Manish Tewari

Shemaroo Entertainment releases the much awaited movie that marks the completion of 100 years of Indian Cinema – Bombay Talkies

Life OK brings alive literature with its show ‘Tumhari Paakhi’

Curtain Lifts Tomorrow on 44th International Film Festival of India

Focus on North-East Cinema at 44TH IFFI in Goa

*Actress Pooja Mishra promoting her upcoming movie ‘Hum Baaja Baja Denge”