Rural India

More than 102 Crore vaccine doses provided to States/UTs

संघ का दशहरा प्रबोधन : जनसंख्या असंतुलन पर तेज हो विमर्श

Daily positivity rate (1.29%) less than 3% for last 48 days

The Prime Minister Modi called citizens to share their ideas

This move is expected to reduce India’s dependence on 100% import of more than 42 LMT of Mineral based Potash

बीच मझधार में फंसे है सिद्धू

हिंदुत्व एक ही है, वो सनातन है जो आखिर तक रहेगा

जनता बिजली कटौती और किसान खाद की कमी से बेहाल

विजयदशमी पर क्यों की जाती है शस्त्र पूजा

बिजली आपूर्ति बाधित होने का खतरा नहीं

The Indian Air Force is synonymous with courage, diligence and professionalism

लेखक लोकेन्द्र सिंह की पुस्तक ‘संघ दर्शन : अपने मन की अनुभूति’ का हुआ विमोचन

Child Rights and You, sets up around 1800 membered ‘COVID Support Groups’ to help families in Southern India

More than 92.57 Crore vaccine doses provided to States/UTs

Women are getting empowered and getting their due dignity through schemes like PM AWAS, Ujjwalla and Jal Jeevan Mission

UIDAI opened 55 ASK as part of its plan to open 166 stand-alone Aadhaar Enrolment & Update Centres in 122 cities across the country

In this, there is a mission, there is respect, there is dignity, there is also the ambition of a country

More than 84.70 Crore vaccine doses provided to States/UTs

Ayushman Bharat – Digital Mission, will now connect the digital health solutions of hospitals across the country with each other

अब सबका होगा अपना हेल्थ अकाउंट

2.82 crore households have been electrified since the launch of SAUBHAGYA

Ministry of Finance approved capital expenditure projects of Rs. 2,903.80 crore

National Telemedicine Service is plugging the digital health divide that exists in urban and rural India

The Prime Minister Modi has called citizens to take part in the auction of gifts and mementos

The Govt is going to spend Rs.6,850 Crore to set up 10,000 new Farmers’ Producing Organisations

15th Finance Commission allocated Rs. 26,940 Crore tied grants to RLBs/ PRIs in 2021-22 for supply of drinking water

Government’s PLI policy for Drones to be a big boost for the sector

Anemia continues to be a problem in the country

India has made good strides over the years, starting from PDS that covers 800 million people

India’s Cumulative COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage exceeds 71.65 Cr