Punjab News

TERI and NDMA launch FEWS to predict floods

Modi government has taken several landmark decisions to empower and honor the honest taxpayers

Govt. of Haryana and SIDBI join hands to develop MSME Ecosystem in Haryana

The record highest single day recoveries in the last 24 hours are the result of the successful implementation

इससे बेरोजगारी का दंश झेल रहे लोगों को राहत मिलेगी

Company to invest Rs 100 crore on distribution & marketing of these devices in FY21

5 brands for Fastrack delivery in COVID

Will remain suspended for the time being

The target of bringing down the fatality rate below 1% can be achieved soon

EuroKids International equips its teachers for the new normal

Mask Wearing Reduces 60% Risk of COVID-19 Infection

Lifestyle Tips For Cancer Prevention

This will generate new employment opportunities and will also strengthen the rural economy

21 प्रतिशत बच्चे हाइपरटेंशन के शिकार

भ्रष्टाचार किसी भी कीमत पर बर्दाश्त नहीं

Indian Philanthropic Community comes together to support 10 million+ migrant workers

Adequate Nutrition Is Crucial To Fight Covid-19 Say Experts At Assocham’s ‘Illness To Wellness’ Series

Brain tumor surgery – maximizing results with new-age technology and expertise

5 लाख और परिवार के एक सदस्य को नौकरी 

The amount of the financial assistance is based on the COVID-19 case load in these States/UTs

मुख्यमंत्री के घर तक पहुंचा कोरोना

Breastfeeding the magical way to stay fit and healthy post delivery

AAI Urges Government to continue MEIS scheme for Aluminium Industry, exports worth USD 5 billion at stake

बाजवा और दूलो ने पीठ में छूरा घोंपा

YES BANK launches Kuch Naya Socho campaign

गर्भनिरोधक गोलियां के सेवन से रहता है गंभीर बिमारियों का खतरा

एक नज़र शहीदों के जन्मदाताओं पर भी

आग उगलने से पहले तथ्यों की परख कर लें केजरीवाल

खाली स्टेडियमों में खेलने का आदी होना होगा 

कोरोना की भेंट चढ़ गया विश्व के सबसे ऊँचे रावण का पुतला