Punjab News

We would be able to help the small entrepreneurs

Allotment to encroachers and occupants

Not to consider any such review

JK Lakshmipat University to organize SPARDHA

शाहीन बाग शैतान बाग -  देश को नहीं बनने देंगे सीरिया

होगी  कार्रवाई

Capt Amarinder Requests Pm To Raise Issue Of Locust Attack With Pakistan Government

Regular doctors will be recruited in the state soon

Pathankot Man bags Rs. 1.50 crore in three hours

Everyone should be proud of our country

Capt Amarinder Announces Waste Management System & New Stp For Mohali

Submits documents to Punjab State Lotteries Department for encashment of the prize

Budget Expectations from India Inc - Need for focussed efforts between policymakers and stakeholders

Call Centre will monitor the list of contacts furnished by MEA

He would soon take up the issue with the Prime Minister

Sets up committee to frame policy to regularise services of Rural Health Pharmacists

Leaders Of All Parties Hail Cm’s Initiative

झुक गए अनिल विज

बर्फबारी-बारिश से 8 की जान गई, 21 करोड़ रुपये की क्षति

Girl child protection will be administered

5 amazing pro kabaddi facts that you might not know

SAD wants to favor BJP indirectly

Committed towards providing a safe and secure atmosphere to women

CAA: Hope Capt Amarinder understands Kapil Sibal’s language

देविंदर को बचा रही मोदी सरकार

The journey to meet Sunny was fun filled

राष्ट्रीय भारतीय सैन्य कालेज देहरादून की सत्र जनवरी-2021 की प्रवेश परीक्षा लखनऊ में होगी सम्पन्न

Two government schools in Faridabad get a facelift

चंडीगढ़ को पहचान देता 'सूफ़ी आस्तान-ए-रामदरबार'

You can still love a person