Punjab News

Parkash Singh Badal visits rain affected water logged villages of fazilka districts

Every officer of the state government was fully accountable to people for every work done by them : Parkash Singh Badal

कांग्रेस ने हमेशा पंजाब व हरियाणा के किसान भाईचारे को बांटने की गंदी राजनीति की : सुखबीर सिंह बादल

पाकिस्तान में सिक्खों की सुरक्षा यकीनी करें नवाज शरीफ़

Control Rooms Set Up at Mohali and Amritsar for The Collection and Lifting of Relief Material to J&K

पंजाब सरकार पराली को खेत में ही काटकर मिट्टी में मिलाने वाली मशीने सबसिडी पर देगी : जत्थेदार तोता सिंह

Sukhbir Badal finalizes launch of e-stamping from next month

Punjab Speaker Nominated As Member Of Lok Sabha Committee Of Presiding Officer

PS Badal writes to Gadkari for directing nhai to take over portion of nh-95 within mc limit of ludhiana municipal corporation for improvement

चुनाव प्रचार में पार्किंग तक का खर्चा बताएं

Show cause notice issued to 55 secretariat officers/officials for not being punctual

हूड्डा के खिलाफ उतरेगा गठबंधन

बाढ़ग्रस्त जम्मू कश्मीर को भेजे जाएँगे 50 हजार कंबल : भूपेंद्र सिंह हुड्डा

Punjab to spend rs. 20 crore to construct toilets in rural areas : Sikander Singh Maluka

Sukhbir Badal directs to cover all 163 towns with sewerage & water supply till Feb 15

Badal asks bankers to implement pradhan mantri jan dhan yojna in the right earnest

वीएजी और डब्ल्यूएजी में कम से कम एक या दो महिलाओं के साथ पांच से दस सदस्य होंगे : वालग्द

Vocational courses in state be taught in Punjabi : Cheema

No transfer application to be entertained during sangat darshan : Sukhbir Badal

Parkash Singh Badal gives approval for procuring 'green peas harvesting machine from holland at Rs. 3.50 crore

डायरिया को रोकने के उपाय करें पंचकुला के उपायुक्त : डॉ. स्मिता मिश्रा

SAS Nagar to emerge as biotech hub in North India : Sukhbir Singh Badal

3Rd Surprise Checking - 61 Teachers Found Absent and 150 Late

We will canvass against anti-sikh congress party in haryana assembly elections

Formation of haryana sikh gurdwara judicial commission ethically wrong since matter of separate gurudwara committee sub judice in apex court - Badal

Haryana Tourism Corporation give 10% discount to tourist

Soon Biometric Attendance System in all Punjab Offices : Sukhbir Singh Badal

Parkash singh badal orders vigilance enquiry about government employees

Sukhbir Badal amicably resolves issues of pyrolytic industry

Bikram majithia lists out next agenda - creating world class shooting infrastructure and specialised training