The scheme went a long way to ameliorate the suffering and disruption caused due to the Coronavirus pandemic

All proposals will now be mandatorily accompanied by a duly filled in checklist submitted through in-office

Railways and Highways sectors should make combined projects to save cost and to improve usability

CEL achieved a milestone during Covid-19 period by commissioning a Solar Power Plant with cumulative capacity of 9MWp in Maharashtra

REC commits financial assistance of Rs. 23.52 Cr to SKUCT

This would help in making Indian Railways green as well as ‘Atma Nirbhar’

The agriculture sector has emerged as a major strength

बैंकों की समीक्षा कर सकता है मंत्रालय

There is  no scarcity of fertilizers across the country during ongoing Kharif season

Increase In Vat On Diesel In Delhi Is Resulting In Heavy Loss Of Sales At Petrol Pumps Making Them Unviable To Operate

Best practices of Aspirational Districts would be shared with the rest of India

Rural people don’t have to go through the hardship of fetching water from public stand-posts

Most of the markets abroad have not been able to make such a remarkable comeback

सार्वजनिक स्थलों थूका तो भरना होगा एक हज़ार का जुर्माना

The live sessions cover a wide array of concerning topics that need attention from an agricultural perspective against the current scenario

उपभोक्ताओं को दी यह बड़ी राहत

Quick responses from the taxpayers would enable the I-T Department to process their refunds expeditiously

Two new series of BHARAT Bond ETF to be launched on 14th July 2020

The JVA should serve as a testament to the remarkable investment potential of Bangladesh

Parminder Chopra takes charge as Director at the Finance Power Finance Corporation

मंहगा तेल ,ये कैसा खेल ?

MoU signed between Indian oil, NTPC Ltd, and SDMC for Waste to Energy plant in Delhi

The steel industry will have to find ways to reduce the cost of construction

Clean energy will be a major driver of India’s economic recovery and international competitiveness

This will make affordable housing commercially viable for potential investors

FCI has sold 5.71 LMT wheat and 10.07 LMT rice through OMSS during the lockdown period

The Online System will establish an effective, speedy and transparent mechanism to process these proposals

We should not only focus on meeting domestic demand but also look to meet expectations of the world

We should capitalise on opportunities that have been thrown open during the unprecedented situation

Most of the countries have ended the lockdowns and have started focusing on economy