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G 20 – A decade in multilateralism

The G-20 meetings have enlarged in scope and number over the past decade. The G-20 meetings in Argentina in 2018, will have 60 Working Group Meetings, 11 Finance Meetings, 41 Sherpa Meetings, 7 Engagement Group Meetings and 1 Leaders Summit. The G-20 today represents the world’s foremost facet of multilateralism.

This series of 10 articles authored for the INVC would present the progress achieved in each of the G-20 Summit meetings and the issues taken up by the G-20 in each of the summit meetings from 2008-2018 documenting the specific milestones achieved and the consensus on globalization efforts. It would examine the challenges to multilateralism at a time when the United States is distancing itself from global institutions, Brexit, the rise of Germany and China and India’s role in promoting multilateralism.

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