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सरकार किसानों के हर मुद्दे का तार्किक समाधान खोजने को प्रतिबद्ध

The year 2020 Roundup

तेजी से पांव फैला रहा ब्रिटेन वाला नया वायरस

Ladakh region is dear to us in many ways

India has made several notable contributions to the world of astronomy from ancient times to the modern era

Now Farmers can send their produce through rail to any big markets across the country

India’s active caseload has fallen to 2,68,581 today

GOI took cognizance of the reports of mutant variant of SARS- CoV-2 virus reported from UK

About 56.55 Lac farmers have already been benefited from the ongoing KMS procurement Operations with MSP value of Rs 86242.83 Crore.

एस्ट्राजेनेका की वैक्सीन कोरोना से 95 फीसदी सुरक्षा देगी

Now is the time for them to pay the nation back what this country and the society has given them

This facility is available to the farmer as well as the local small businessman

A net decline of 1,389 cases from the total active caseload was registered in the last 24 hours

COVID-19 Pushes Back Anemia Mukt Bharat and NFHS-5 Data Show Anaemia Continues to be a Major Concern 

किसान आंदोलन : तेग़-देग़ -फ़तेह ...

Economic security cannot be treated as separate from physical security

नए साल का जश्न होगा दोगुना   

This day marks an important milestone in the developmental journey of Manipur

India has scaled a significant peak in the fight against the global pandemic

About 55.49 Lac farmers have already been benefitted from the ongoing KMS procurement Operations with MSP value of Rs84928.10 Crore.

Is Technology Destroying or Creating Jobs ?

भारत में प्रति 10 लाख आबादी पर संक्रमण के सबसे कम 7 हजार 352 मामले

The situation is being monitored proactively - A strategy has been put under place to detect & contain the mutant variant

The citizens of Jammu and Kashmir will not need to travel beyond Jammu and Kashmir for specialized health services

The development of the people of Jammu and Kashmir is one of the biggest priorities of his government

सरकार को किसानों से माफी मांगते हुए फौरन तीनों कानूनों को वापस लेना चाहिए

The local administration has set an example for entire country

India’s cumulative recoveries are highest in the world

कानून को लेकर सरकार और किसानों का अलग अलग दावा

He is working in co-operation with the Centre to achieve his government's targets