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Target set by the Government could be achieved well

India can progress only if each citizen progresses

India’s First Indigenously Developed 9mm Machine Pistol

PM Fasal Bima Yojana completes 5 years today

PFMBY is the largest insurance scheme in the world 

Agricultural festival is truly unique

The daily cases in India are registering a consistent decline on a daily basis

The Yojana has increased coverage, mitigated risk & benefitted crores of farmers : PM

क्या सियासी टकटकी का केंद्र बना बंगाल चुनाव...?

कल तक सभी सेंटर तक पहुंच जाएंगे टीके 

किसान जारी रखेंगे लड़ाई

भारत, सीरम के बाद अब भारत बायोटेक की 'कोवैक्सीन' की खेप पहुंची दिल्ली

GOI’s aim of striving to achieve the WHO target of doctor-patient ratio of ‘1 for every 1000’ by this year itself

कांग्रेस लौटी सॉफ्ट हिंदुत्व के ऐजेंडे पर

Our culture, our cuisine and our welcoming attitude towards foreigners can help in attracting more visitors to India

India has crossed a crucial milestone in its fight against the global pandemic- The daily new cases have touched a new low today

About 71.13 Lac farmers have already been benefitted from the ongoing KMS procurement Operations with MSP value of Rs 100903.00 Crore

The priority of vaccination has been decided as per advice of the experts and scientific community after consultation with the State : PM

No cuts will be made in BRO's budget : Defense Minister

Less than 170 daily deaths were recorded after 229 days

कमजोर पड़ी ठंड पर  छायेगा कोहरा  

दिल्ली और महाराष्ट्र में भी बर्ड फ्लू ने दे दी दस्तक

सीमेंट और स्टील इंडस्ट्री में मोनोपॉली

Vaccine shall be available anytime and anywhere

Railways used covid challenge as an opportunity to lay the foundation for future development

वॉकी-टॉकीज से लेस खुली जीप में सुरक्षा की जिम्मेदारी

India has reported the highest recoveries

Any legislature is as good as its members

India’s capabilities always benefit humanity

India had always been a land of seekers with no rigid belief system