Thursday, September 19th, 2019

Literature News

Meet Mattheiu Ricard, Buddhist Monk and Yuval Noah Harari, Author of Sapiens and Homo Deus

Perumal Murugan to launch his book ‘Poonachi’ in Delhi

SheThePeople Women Writers' Fest, Delhi 2018. March 10th, 2018. Instituto Cervantes

NMM engaged in documentation of Indian manuscripts

पुस्तक-समीक्षा : आरएसएस की अविराम एवं भाव यात्रा का 'ध्येय पथ'

The sixth edition of Delhi Literature Festival kicks off in style

उपन्यास ‘मदारीपुर जंक्शन’ का मंचन

NAI launches Book reading series

GST introduced in the curriculum for undergraduates

डॉ.एम.रामचंद्रन द्वारा लिखी गई पुस्तक मावरिक्स ऑफ मसूरी पर हुई चर्चा

India cannot have talks with countries that have trained their guns at our country : Vice President

We need an efficient law as well as its effective implementation

Aniket Singh pens down his mantras for a successful internship abroad

Your Search for Happiness Ends Here’ by Anubha Gupta unveiled by Manish Sisodia

राज्यपाल ने काव्य संग्रह ‘आदमी से आदमी तक’ का विमोचन किया

Ashwin Sanghi’s ‘KEEPERS OF THE KALACHAKRA’ launched by Dr Shashi Tharoor at Zee Jaipur Literature Festival 2018

Author Amish launches the new cover for Ram - Scion of Ikshvaku

Hindi Bestseller list announced at Jaipur Literature Festival

​​उर्दू भाषा का विकास उसके पाठकों में निहित

Empowering youths necessary to promote sustainable development : SPRE

Leaders of Education and knowledge books and Immigration consulting in India joins hands to launch a unique guide on IELTS coaching

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Sister Bhanumathi Narsimhan Reveals Untold Stories of Gurudev in first authorized biography

Motivated by day-today experiences in and around her in writing poems : Neelam Saxena Chandra

दोहे रमेश के, मकर संक्राँति पर

'हम असहिष्णु लोग ' का विश्व पुस्तक मेले में हुआ विमोचन

पुस्तक 'उद्यानिकी विकास का उभरता सितारा' का विमोचन

पत्रिका-समीक्षा- 'संघ और समाज' के आत्मीय संबंध को समझने में मदद करते हैं मीडिया विमर्श के दो विशेषांक

कहानी " जलदान "

एक वरदान है पुस्तक मेला

अनवर का जाना : एक युग का अंत