Literature News

Although India became Independent in 1947 but a significant thrust to freedom struggle was already given in 1857

Amazon Studios Orders Series Adaptation of Anansi Boys

Languages thrive and survive only when used extensively

Dr. Pankaj Kumar of Fortis Hospital authors ‘At the Horizon of Life & Death’- bringing into focus the relationship between doctors and patients, who are facing death

The book inspires people to take up terrace gardening

Some of the most influential people in the industry share their insights and stories

History Division will be responsible for coordination with various departments while compiling, seeking approval and publishing of war/operations histories

पुस्तक समीक्षा : पर्यावरण संकट और सुधार के प्रयास: वैश्विक परिदृष्टि

हिंदी पत्रकारिता की अलग पहचान

Pearson India strengthens UPSC Test Preparation Portfolio; launches new titles with Devdutt Pattanaik and Sriram Srirangam 

These books are not less than modern classics and convey the universal vision of Babasaheb

History should not only be a lesson of the past but should also mirror the future

Good governance was essential to fulfill the aspirations of the people

These initiatives can put agriculture on to a more viable, income-generating trajectory

बकवास के प्रकाशन को देश के लिए दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण

India is now in a phase of demographic transition with a substantial percentage of youth population

Noted educationist Dr Darlie Koshy's new book unveiled at the India Craft Week

अब मुझे समझ आया कि लड़कियों के लिए यह सामान्य बात है

यह बहुत मंझा हुआ अभिनय था

The Historical Evolution of the District Collector – From Early Days to 1947 : A Book Review By V.Srinivas

Prime Minister Modi will address the World Economic Forum’s Davos Dialogue

We are proud of all those who have been conferred the Padma Awards

India’s excellence in science has now been combined with the recognition of its brilliance as an innovative economy.

This book is very timely as we go through a shift in how we view the ‘urban’ in the post-COVID era

गले लगने का तो सवाल ही नहीं

Stock Market Wisdom – A book to know the dos and don’ts of investment in the Stock Market

डॉ डीपी शर्मा धौलपुरी की कविता : मोहब्बत की भी एक वैक्सीन

Author Aastha Kulshreshtha's new book unveiled at Gurugram

नववर्ष पर डॉ डीपी शर्मा धौलपुरी की कविता : मैं आशाओं का शायर हूँ

आय में अच्छी-खासी बढ़ोत्तरी हुई