Investigation News

PM Modi and the Prime Minister of Mauritius jointly inaugurated the Social Housing Units Project in Mauritius

BrahMos supersonic cruise missile, with increased indigenous content and improved performance, was successfully test-fired

More than 158.96 Crore vaccine doses provided to States/UTs

PM Modi and PM of Mauritius will jointly inaugurate the India-assisted Social Housing Units project in Mauritius

CBI arrests a patwari in bribery case

More than 158.16 Crore vaccine doses provided to States/UTs

India's Active caseload currently stands at 15,50,377

Case booked against fake firms

बेंगलुरु से मुक्त करायी गईं छह युवतियां

CBI arrests senior manager dsiidc, delhi and a private person in a bribery case of rs. 1.70 lakh

The India-UK is to negotiate a broad agreement that will deliver for businesses and consumers

More than 157.36 Crore vaccine doses provided to States/UTs

Booster dose of vaccine, COVAXIN® (BBV152), generated robust neutralizing antibody responses against both Omicron (B.1.529) and Delta (B.1.617.2) using a live virus neutralization assay

Corona 2,47,417 new cases came to India in last 24 hours

Emergence of Lok Adalat as the most efficacious tool of Alternative Dispute Resolution

19.76 LMT food grains distributed to beneficiaries so far in States/UTs under Phase-V of PMGKAY

Today, the world looks at India with hope and faith

डॉ डीपी शर्मा का बागियों की घाटी से गूगल की 51 विख्यात राजस्थानियों की अंतरराष्ट्रीय सूची तक का सफरनामा

वाणिज्यिक कर विभाग के रडार आए सैकड़ों कारोबारी

More than 15 7.13 Crore vaccine doses still available in States/UTs

दोबारा भी संक्रमित कर सकता है ओमिक्रॉन

This project will empower communities to plan and monitor their drinking water needs with community ownership

सभी प्राइवेट दफ्तर बंद करने के अलावा और भी बहुत कुछ होने वाला हैं बंद

The pomegranate exports from April 2022. Exports of Alfalfa hay and cherries from the USA will begin in April 2022

धर्म संसद जैसे कार्यक्रम भाईचारे के लिए बेहद खतरनाक

156.71 Crore codid vaccine doses provided to States/UTs

लगेगी कोरोना वैक्सीन की तीसरी यानी Precautionary dose

कैद में कोरोना का कहर : 46 कैदी और 43 कर्मी हुए कोरोना पॉजिटिव

संसद में 400 से अधिक संक्रमित केस मिलने बाद - कर्मचारियों की उपस्थिति हुई प्रतिबंधित

दक्षिण कश्मीर में मुठभेड़ में 2 आतंकवादी ढेर