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New cases reported in the last 24 hours did not cross the 50,000 mark. 47,905 persons have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 24 hours.

Firm busted for availing benefit from bogus invoices of around Rs 685 crore

Digital Adoption Day brings together the industry’s finest for a single day on November 18

Advanced keyhole procedure saves Delhi woman’s shoulder joints

Karyakari Mandal meeting to be held today in Gurugram

India has registered less than 40,000 daily new cases after six days

Prognostic tests can help avoid chemotherapy in 60% of early breast cancer cases; but over 50% patients diagnosed in late stages

Knowlarity Communications chooses Google Cloud to build first of it’s kind Programmable Speech Analytics platform

New daily cases continue to trend downwards with the success of Jan-Andolan promoting COVID appropriate behaviour

M3M Foundation’s iMpower benefits over 300 families of construction workers over one year

India has reported less than 50,000 daily new cases in the last 24 hours with 45,674 persons having tested positive for COVID-19

People with diabetes are at up to 50% higher risk of a fatal outcome and severe health complications due to COVID-19

क्यों खरीदते हैं पीतल के बर्तन

सुरक्षा दे तो शुरु हो सकती है ट्रेन सेवा

India is reporting new recoveries more than the daily new cases successively for the last five weeks now.

CII calls upon Governments and Farmer Groups to find solution to current impasse over Farm Bills

61% women say upskilling gives them better job opportunities after a career break

Night sweats or hot flashes - What to do they indicate?

This will pave the way

Paddy procurement for Kharif 2020-21 is continuing smoothly in the procuring States & UTs

रात में सोते वक्त पैर पटकने की आदत है तो हो जाइए सावधान

It would facilitate better understanding of the regulatory aspects between the two sides

किसानों ने रोकी रेल, रेलवे को हुआ 1200 करोड़ रुपये का नुकसान

बेईमान' वायरस, बोले- ये धोखा दे जाता है

राजघाट नहीं जंतर-मंतर पर धरना

DIGITAL EVOLUTION : Is digital addiction more lethal than any other addictions ? 

करवा चौथ पर बना रहा हैं बेहद शुभ संयोग

India has achieved several significant milestones in its fight against COVID

India Will Spend Over INR 37Tn a Year to Accommodate Population by 2030

दिल्ली के प्रदूषण 2.5 में 40% योगदान 3000 जगहों पर पराली की आग