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Highest ever recoveries have been registered in a single day i.e. 28,472.

The simple blood test to check past exposure to COVID-19 is available at INR 1450 and the results can be collected in less than 12 hours

MYPINPAD makes it easy and affordable for merchants to become a part of digital acceptance

An ideal monsoon interior would comprise of luxurious colors, textures, aromas and lighting

Companies providing timely help in these testing times

Upskilling of Nurses during COVID 19 Pandemic

Your brain seeks your attention

मास्क और सैनिटाइजर मिलेगा, 100 रुपए में स्टेशन पर हेल्थ होगा चेकअप

Special Situation Funds – Bailing Out India’s Stuck Housing Projects

कोरोना वैक्सीन बनाने में जुटीं भारत 7 कंपनियां

अक्षय राठी की फिल्म लैपटॉप का चयन अन्तरराष्ट्रीय फिल्मोत्सव फर्स्ट टाइम फिल्म मेकर्स सैशन -2020 यूके के लिए हुआ 

सात महीने में तैयार कर लेगी कोरोना वैक्सीन

देसी कोरोना वैक्सीन के पहले चरण का ह्यूमन  ट्रायल शुरू

Technical queries related to COVID-19 may be sent

The Union Government to improve the lives of people especially the women

Medanta launches Gurugram’s first RWA eClinic and Nursing Unit

Monsoons and the Covid- 19 Pandemic

देश में आयात से अधिक निर्यात होने से पहली बार ट्रेड हुआ सरप्लस

This is a very important step in our fight against this pandemic

Sterlite Power Completes Gurugram Smart City Optical Fiber Intracity Project

Gold, Cigarette and Liquor, having high tax arbitrage top the list of smuggled goods

SARVA sets up Global Advisory Board - Ropes in experts with prior experience at Masterclass, Disney and Spotify

Over 8,000 Migrant Workers Find Support in YourDOST to make important life decisions

These projects will have positive impact on both the industry and the business

Digital Health Blueprint to modernize the health sector and enable streamlined delivery of services to the last citizen

People should be in the Centre of Communication Rather than Information 

Punjab shows interest in extending support for development of Bulk Drugs Park in the State

Plans to conduct Khelo India events and Youth Festivals later this year or early next year will be decided

शूटिंग पर लौटे आयुष्‍मान

In pain? Using un-prescribed painkillers is not an option to deal with it!