Financial Announcements

130 करोड़ की संपत्ति के मालिक     

BRICS Tax Authorities engaged in discussion on the challenges faced by BRICS tax administration in the digital era

Government’s PLI policy for Drones to be a big boost for the sector

Goa continues to be an ideal place to work and live in according to the country’s top investors

We are expecting double digit growth in FY-22 despite the challenge of COVID-19

Eleven States achieved the target set by the Ministry of Finance for the capital expenditure in the 1st Quarter of 2021-22

Building the One-Stop ICT Integrated Cloud-network Platform services to Assist Enterprise’s Overseas Investment

Impressive growth rate of 40% YOY compared to industry rate of 25%

Silicon Valley Bank hands over endurance kits to Bengaluru Traffic Police

New Amendments in COTPA Law to Foment Illicit Tobacco Trade

Jet Airways is all set to resume domestic operations in Q1 2022

South Cities Dominate Office Leasing, 66% Share in FY21 vs 47% in FY18

करदाताओं को 70,120 करोड़ रुपये से अधिक का रिफंड जारी

बाजार को डालर के मुकाबले रुपये की चाल, कच्चे तेल के दाम तथा विदेशी निवेशकों के रुख से दिशा मिलेगी

इन उत्पादों का निर्यात बढ़ाने से भारत साल 2027 तक 750 अरब डॉलर का निर्यात लक्ष्य हासिल किया जा सकत है

तो बैंक से मिलेगा मुआवजा

This processing unit will benefit everyone at the local level

India witnesses the first ever delivery of Medicines and Jabs by drone

In the fiscal year 2021, the total FDI inflows stood at US $ 81.72 billion, which is a 10% year-on-year increase

Cryogenic FuelsMarket to be dominated by Manufacturing segment through 2026

India Payment Services Market Outlook to 2026

CII Delegation meets Police Commissioner to discuss ways to strengthen policing and surveillance in the city

Rates of assistance have been increased, by 50% for exports by sea and by 100% for exports by air

96%of companies are either already or considering co-creation with vendors to develop new digital products and services for sustainability and efficiency

Paytm Money offers retail investors an opportunity to invest in ideas

Network expansion helping boost intra-region fulfillment so that shipments travel less, reach faster

The consumer, farmer and entrepreneur will be benefited in every way

India ATM Managed Services Market Outlook to 2026

The port will continue to play an instrumental role and contribute to the nation’s economy

Leading Drone delivery start-up, TechEagle raises USD 500K