Education R & A

UST Global wins CSR Award for its ‘Adopt a School’ Initiative

Creation rise in demand for jobs in the cybersecurity sector

जिलों में चलेगा कौशल विकास प्रशिक्षण प्रोग्राम

आवश्यक वैधानिक प्रावधान किए जाएंगे

Innovation must become the heartbeat of education

IndiVillage named Impact Sourcing Champion in IAOP’s Global Index

70% of India’s population may live in cities by 2050

How a drought-prone State has been able to successfully managed the water resources to meet the needs of different sectors

Market Outlook - August 2020

Only 8.1% of respondents strongly agree that their country is ready to open and 6.7% strongly agree their company is ready to return to normal operations

India Ed-Tech Market Revenue Growth During COVID-19 period

India Hospital Furniture Market Outlook to FY’2025

North America to Dominate Medical Oxygen Market During Forecast Period 

COVID-19 is likely to lead to large-scale bankruptcies, reveals CFA Institute survey

A New Approach to Tailoring Cancer Therapy -Tapping into Signaling Activities in Cancer Cells

Australia Microfluidics Market to Undergo Significant Growth Through 2025

Challenges for Retail Pharmacy Market in India

19 States have a higher Recovery Rate than the National average of 63.02%

North America to Dominate Bio-Implants Market During Forecast Period

Rising prevalence of chronic diseases is expected to drive the growth of global drug delivery devices market

Researchers could use all the support they can get in communicating their research effectively

Thailand Agricultural Machinery Market Outlook to 2025

Clean energy will be a major driver of India’s economic recovery and international competitiveness

This amounts to a 14% increase in TB notification as compared to the year 2018

Out of 1000 respondents, 75% parents feel creating a silent zone is a must during exams

India is one of the most progressive countries across the globe

India Gold Loan Market to Grow at an Impressive Rate until 2025  

Reducing Gap b/w Market Value and Ready Reckoner Rates in Top Cities

Indian Real Estate comes out of Quarantine

A regular dose of aspirin to reduce the risk of inherited bowel cancer lasts at least 10 years after stopping treatment