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Our experience in Ebola crisis shows us that young children are more likely to experience violence

Economic activities have continued to witness major drop

Healthcare facilities in India witness 80% fall in demand, finds NATHEALTH Survey

This study will help us face that challenge by identifying areas for future research

UAE Online Grocery Delivery Market Outlook to 2025

India Online Food Delivery Market Outlook to 2025

India Air purifier Market Overview and Size

Reverse Migration Can Spur Housing Demand in Tier 2 & 3 Cities Post COVID-19

India Water Purifier Market Future Outlook and Projections

Newcastle University to share with you the new research about Chemistry breakthrough that could speed up drug development

NASA’s Next Destination? Israelis Hopeful as Trident Team in the Finals

Indian economy to contract by over 10% in FY21, bold measures needed for recovery

This technology will have relevance even beyond the current COVID-19 crisis

India could avoid 72% of COVID-19 cases after lockdown by closing red light areas

Many researchers from across the world are studying the mechanism of how the protein forms the aggregates

Global recession, health crisis, bleak economic outlook, social unrest on top of corporate concerns

CRRT may play a role in patients with COVID-19 having AKI

GIM Faculty Conduct Research to Analyse People's Reactions Towards Covid-19's outbreak

India is prepared and fighting with the pandemic through its various timely measures and sturdy systems of surveillance

बंदरों पर कोरोना वायरस वैक्सीन का सफल परीक्षण

The fresh capital will be used for R&D

GCC Smart Home Market Outlook to 2025

Enables enterprises to reduce Video KYC completion drop-offs by 20% and reduce the cost of operations by up to 90%

North America to Dominate Coronavirus Vaccine Market Through 2025

Enables enterprises to reduce Video KYC completion drop-offs by 20% and reduce the cost of operations by up to 90%

Philippines Logistics Market Overview and Size

Bhartiya Skill Development University organizes webinar on Research Orientation in Project VS Project Orientation in Research Fact file of Our Life Project

Smokers are less vulnerable to Coronavirus: Review of 28 studies by  University College London

Listed entities could incur a fixed cost expense worth Rs 4,72,000 crores for a lockdown of 45 days

TRA’s Covid Mental Wellbeing Index shows Mumbai at lowest - Delhi citizens cope second best with current crisis