46% of corporates are now willing to hire more apprentices, as compared to 41% in H2 2019

The standard of any institution can be maintained only when there is total professionalism

ये योजनाएं पिछड़ा वर्ग कल्याण विभाग के माध्यम से आनलाइन संचालित

The online theory classes for MBBS students will continue

नए अवसर उपलब्ध होंगे

IIM Udaipur Signs Multiple MoUs with Digital Companies

India is facing an extraordinary challenge to protect citizens from the rapidly spreading COVID-19 pandemic all around the globe

दिल्ली जाएंगे DMK सांसद शिवा

कोरोना, इकोनॉमी और चीन के साथ झड़प के मुद्दे पर मोदी सरकार घेरेगी कांग्रेस

Education is on the concurrent list and therefore NEP needed a consensus from States for a national acceptance

This partnership comes at a time when there is a thrust towards empowering and enabling India to become a global manufacturing hub

शिक्षा विभाग मूक दर्शक- फीस मामले में शिक्षा विभाग पूरी तरह खामोश है

75% students still prefer physical classrooms over online learning; biggest challenge being poor network connection

Microsoft enables SMBs for ‘The New Next’ with Modern PCs

Speed up the process of filling up the vacant posts soon

Online international conference organized in Greater Himalayas'

चीन से निपटने के लिए सैन्य विकल्प मौजूद

The significance of self-reliance is at an all-time high

आंतरिक मामले में दखलअंदाजी बर्दाश्त नहीं

मुख्यमंत्री भूपेश बघेल के जन्म दिवस पर विशेष लेख : किसान हितैषी के रूप में मिली पहचान 

आतंकी साजिश नाकाम, आईएस आतंकी अरेस्ट

Winners of Short Film Contest on Patriotism Announced

Then the students will lose an academic year

गांधी परिवार को नहीं पद की लालसा

Over 11 Crore Impressions on Social Media

Target of providing 1 lakh houses

we shall soon be able to achieve the New India

Innovation must become the heartbeat of education

Mphasis partners with Ashoka University

the government will launch a holistic Project Dolphin