Friday, September 20th, 2019

Chandigarh News

The Pratibha of Chhayakriti and Art in Chandigarh.

Chandigarh Arts and Heritage festival brilliant start with JALAM

मां-बेटी ने टेगौर थिएटर में शास्त्रीय विधा के सभी रंग दिखाए

NGOs can Play a major role in Employment Generation : Shivraj V Patil

अवैध गर्भपात करने पर नर्स गिरफ्तार, पहले डाक्टर भी जा चुकी है जेल

यशपाल गुलिया की पुस्तक हैरिटेज आफ हरियाणा का विमोचन

PTU launched Translation and Interpretaion Course In India there is Shortage of 5 Lac Translation Experts.

No land to Private Educational Institutes : Shivraj V Patil

चंडीगढ़ में २८ को गीतकार गोपालदास नीरज का काव्य पाठ

Governor Punjab to inaugurate CMA ‘Management day’ on 25th April

I wish that this movement proves beneficial in grooming the youth : K.K Sharma

Every culture produces something great but Dogras are modestly contributing not only to the reverence of the city beautiful but also of the entire nation : K.K. Sharma

49th National Maritime Week Celebrated

AIMA Director addressed Seminar on “Emerging Challenges in Global Business” at Aryans Business School

Instead, conditions should be created for voluntary acceptance : Dr. Pam Rajput

“Sayonara -a cultural extravaganza”organized by Aryans Group of Colleges

CMA & Aryans Group organized Book Launch

We have 170 DOT Centres 17 Designated Microscopy Centres & 3 Treatment Units in Chandigarh : Rachna

XIIth Plan to Focus on Imparting Quality Medical Education : Ghulam Nabi Azad

हम लोग अंग्रेजों की गुलामी से आजाद होकर भ्रष्ट राजनेताओं , अफसरों व कॉर्पोरेट के गुलाम हो गए हैं - गोपाल प्रसाद

संघर्ष और यातना के दौर से गुजरते हुए आज हम निर्णायक घड़ी में पहुंचे - सपा

Swagat Seva introduced at Chandigarh Airport

युवाओं का योगदान देश के सभी आंदोलनों और क्रांतियों में रहा है - अरूण जेटली

मायावती सरकार का ’घमण्ड के साथ घोटाला रिकार्ड,, के लिए ’’गिनीज बुक आफ वर्ल्ड रिकार्ड, में नाम दर्ज होना चाहिये - मुख्तार अब्बास नकवी

925 tonnes of gold was being used by the people in India every year which was 65 tonnes in the year 1982 - Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal

MSME's are the fountain head of several innovations in manufacturing and service sectors - Indian Overseas Bank

CMA organized an Interactive Session on Diabetes

According to the instructions issued by the Election Commission of India - Narinder Chauhan

AICTE may consider States request for not giving more approvals – AICTE Chairman

InkLab - A film inspired by Shaheed Bhagat Singh, denied Censor Certificate