This will generate new employment opportunities and will also strengthen the rural economy

The scheme shall provide a financial boost to the farmers and agriculture sector and increase India’s ability to compete on the global stage

These start-ups will lead to employment to youth

अर्थव्यवस्था का बुरा दौर बीता, कृषि क्षेत्र ने पार लगाई नैया

Union Government accords very high priority to the agriculture sector

GMPF issues a warning asking ngos to stop playing with lives of goans for their own selfish means

It will help in doubling the income of farmers

Urea will be made available in time to farmers

किसानों के लिए 03 लाख तक का  एवं महिला स्वयं सहायता समूहों को 05 लाख रूपये तक का ब्याज मुक्त ऋण

खरीफ फसलों की गिरदावरी एक अगस्त से होगी शुरू

Scheme ensures protection of crop loss for entire cropping cycle, from pre-sowing to post-harvest activities

GOI assures timely and adequate supply of fertilizers to all the states

The India now has an estimated 2967 tigers as per the latest census

The agriculture sector has emerged as a major strength

The live sessions cover a wide array of concerning topics that need attention from an agricultural perspective against the current scenario

India is now the 2nd largest aquaculture producer in the world

Farmers can become atma nirbhar by crop diversification, focusing on dairy, fisheries & animal husbandry

There is huge potential waiting to be unlocked through private sector investment in animal husbandry sector

मजदूरों ने किसानों की मुसीबतें बढ़ा दी

Hydroponic Farmer Starts Kryzen, An Artificial Intelligence Driven Agriculture Startup

HIL geared to provide locust control Pesticide to Iran

FAIFA Appeals for an Urgent Rescue Package for Tobacco Farmers as Crop worth Rs 4400 crores Lying unsold in Fields

It provides an opportunity to access more markets for trade to traders

नहीं हो पा रहा है गन्ना किसानों को भुगतान

Producers in agriculture are not organized and often their views go unheard

Taiwan drones to give boost to smart agriculture

CropLife India urges Government to allow agrochemicals for food supply chain during Lockdown for COVID-19

India ranks twelfth in the world in terms of grape production

Enough R&D has been done in Agriculture sector

काफी रूचि से आधुनिक खेती सिख रहें है किसान