New Delhi  : Delve into the intricate web of a colossal football betting app scam, masterminded by a Chinese national in collusion with local partners. Uncover the shocking loss of 1400 crores incurred by victims in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat. Explore the modus operandi, law enforcement’s swift response, and the pressing need for fortified cybersecurity measures to prevent such scams.

In a shocking revelation that sent shockwaves through northern Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh, a sophisticated football betting app orchestrated by a Chinese national and his local partners swindled over 1,200 unsuspecting individuals, resulting in a staggering loss of Rs 1,400 crore within just nine days. This audacious scam has highlighted the need for vigilant measures and stringent cybersecurity protocols to thwart such nefarious activities.

The Unveiling of the Fraudulent Scheme

The elaborate web of deception was spun by a Chinese national named Wu Yuanbei, who collaborated with local partners to devise a football betting app that promised substantial returns on bets placed within the application. Operating under the guise of the app “Dani Data,” this criminal syndicate meticulously targeted residents of Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh, tapping into the excitement surrounding football matches to exploit their vulnerability.

The Rise and Fall of the Deceptive App

With a promise of financial gain, the deceptive app managed to attract a wide demographic, ranging from teenagers as young as 15 to senior citizens aged 75. The app’s sleek interface and enticing offers played a crucial role in luring users to place bets, resulting in an average daily collection of Rs 200 crore for the criminals. Riding high on the wave of football fervor, the scammers seemed unstoppable.

However, after just nine days of operation, the fraudulent app abruptly stopped working, leaving thousands of victims in utter dismay as their hard-earned money vanished into thin air. The swift and decisive action of the cyber cell of CID led to the apprehension of nine individuals who were aiding Yuanbei in funneling money through the hawala network, a clandestine method of transferring funds.

The Pursuit of Justice and the Mastermind’s Escape

Upon realizing the magnitude of the scam, the Gujarat Police initiated a thorough investigation, registering an FIR in Patan for cheating and violation of the IT Act. However, the mastermind behind the nefarious scheme, Wu Yuanbei, had already vanished by the time the authorities swung into action. The extradition process hit a roadblock as the CID struggled to amass sufficient evidence against Yuanbei.

Reports suggest that Yuanbei is still active and operating the network from locations such as Shenzhen, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The scam’s audacity and the mastermind’s elusive nature have raised questions about international cooperation and the need for advanced cybersecurity measures to curb such cross-border fraudulent activities.

The Way Forward: Combating Cyber Fraud

The duping of individuals through a football betting app sheds light on the urgent need for heightened cybersecurity awareness and measures. As technology continues to evolve, criminals find new and innovative ways to exploit digital platforms for financial gain. Governments, law enforcement agencies, and tech companies must collaborate to bolster cybersecurity frameworks and swiftly apprehend criminals involved in such scams.


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