Car Care Tips for Summer Days


Car Care Tips for Summer Days : This year, the summer season has come soon, in such a situation, due to the change in the weather, its effect can be seen on your car as well. Your car can also face many problems during the summer season. The engine of the car is more affected during the summer. Sometimes the average of the car also decreases. Due to which the car needs more care. In this news, we are telling you that if you also want more average from your car in the summer season, then how it can be possible.

Drive the car at the right speed


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If you want a good average by reducing oil consumption during summer, then you have to always drive the car at the right speed. The accelerator should not be pressed suddenly. By doing this, the car needs more power, for which the engine needs more oil and in such a situation, the average of the car often gets spoiled.

Take care of tires

In the summer season, it is most important to take care of the tires and the air in them. If you drive a car when there is less air in the tyre, then it has a bad effect on the average of the car. But if the air in the car’s tires is correct, then driving the car gives the correct average.

Use the right engine oil

Engine oil of the correct temperature should be used during summer. There are many grades of engine oil available in the market. But during summers it is beneficial to use engine oil with high temperature tolerance.

Take care of AC

Everyone starts running AC in the car as soon as the summer season arrives. If your car is old, then definitely get the AC checked and even if your car is new, it should be serviced.

Take care of the coolant

Coolant is essential for cooling the car engine. By using good quality coolant, the engine can be cooled quickly in summer but if poor quality coolant is used, then the temperature of the engine cannot be controlled easily. Which has a bad effect on the engine and apart from major problems, the average also gets reduced.


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