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Saturday, October 16th, 2021

Capacity Building series Atmanirbhar Bharat Moving Towards Self Reliant India


New Delhi,

The clarion call of ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ and ‘ Vocal for Local’ given by the Hon’ble Prime Minister has provided a great opportunity to strengthen Brand India and act as a catalyst for Home-grown companies. There is little doubt about the huge potential that our companies possess, and they are well capable of outperforming the competition given the right tools and a level playing field.

The past year and a half has brought about a new set of challenges, there has been disruptions in the supply chains and nations are increasingly looking within to meet a majority of their demands. In this context, the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s call for skilling, re-skilling and up-skilling of people assumes even greater importance, and is bound to play a critical role in today’s environment, where technology is changing and upgrading at a rapid pace. We also need to focus on digitization, which under the prevailing environment is providing a new set of opportunities that are waiting to be harnessed.  India being the youngest nation in the world, needs to create awareness among the young entrepreneurs about basics of branding and educating them about the importance and dire need of strong national brands that are able win the confidence of the local population as well as compete globally.

It was in this backdrop that ASSOCHAM organized a Capacity Building session on “ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT, Moving Towards Self Reliant India, Meet the legends.  Mr. Saurabh Kaushik, India Premium Business Coach delivered the address. The objective of the session was to motivate and inspire the youth and advising them on career opportunities, thereby, becoming more self-reliant.

Mr. Anil Rajput, Chairman, FMCG Council, ASSOCHAM & Sr. VP - Corporate Affairs, ITC while giving the welcome address stated that through this program he was confident that more students and entrepreneurs would get motivated to start something of their own. He reiterated the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision of the need to create more entrepreneurs who instead of seeking employment, should begin to give employment. He said that “It is my firm belief that ultimately success comes to those who persevere and to those who conquer the fear of failure, the youth therefore, must have unshakeable belief in themselves and have the confidence and conviction in whatever they set out to do”.

Mr. Saurabh Kaushik – India’s Premier Business Coach and Founder-CEO, Peopleist India first and foremost thanked ASSOCHAM for the platform. He said the even in these unprecedented times India is moving forward. India is the youngest nation in the world which is an opportunity to deliver on multiple parameters. Indians are leading in all domains of business globally. People are still looking for employment and students and young population think that employment is easier and entrepreneurship is hard but that perspective is changing. In recent history, India has never been more successful.

While explaining about entrepreneurship, He said that anybody who has not failed and not given at least 5-7 years in finding the right customer and solving their problem will not be a successful entrepreneur. The first step should be to find your skillset and understand the ways to utilize it in the best possible way. He said that it is a common perception that to make money you need money but that’s untrue. Building your skillset in a way that it can be of service to your customer will definitely help you build a successful business. With required skill set, investment will flow in automatically. Efforts should be to invest in improving your skill whichever way possible. He also advocated to have a growing mind set in which failure at initial steps may be inevitable. Perseverance is the key.



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