Cancer Sankranti 2022: How to get rid of sufferings

When the sun enters a zodiac, it is called Sankranti. Sun enters each zodiac sign. Hence there is 12 Sankranti. Of these, Makar Sankranti is considered to be of special importance to Cancer Sankranti. The way the fire element increases with Makar Sankranti, positive energy starts spreading all around. Similarly, due to Cancer Sankranti, there is an excess of water. This creates negativity in the environment. In other words, due to the Uttarayan of the Sun, there is an increase in purity, whereas due to the Sun’s Dakshinayan, the negative forces start becoming effective, the powers of the deities start weakening.

Kark Sankranti 2022 legend
There is a traditional belief in the scriptures that Lord Vishnu gets very tired while taking charge of the creation. Then Mata Lakshmi requests Lord Vishnu that for some time she should give the world worry burden to Mahadev. Then Mahadev comes to earth from the Himalayas, he handles all the activities of the world for 4 months. When 4 months are over. So Shivaji returns to Kailash.

It is Ekadashi day. Which is also called Devuthani Ekadashi or Dev Prabodhini Ekadashi. Harihar meets on this day. God exchanges his workload among themselves because Lord Shiva is a sannyasi even though he is busy, marriage etc. is considered taboo under his rule. Still other festivals of worship are celebrated with pomp. Actually the gold of the gods is symbolic.

In these days some auspicious stars also disappear. Due to whose rise, auspicious blessings are obtained in auspicious works. On this day, along with the Sun God, many other gods also go to sleep. On the occasion of Karka Sankranti, Lord Shiva had taken over the burden of creation. Therefore, the importance of worshiping Shiva increases in the month of Shravan, in this way the festivals begin. Therefore, in this period only the practice of worshiping God is included.

Karka Sankranti 2022 Worship Method
Wake up in the morning and take a bath in the river after retiring from daily activities.
If your house is not near any holy river, then put Gangajal in the water in the house.
First of all, after bath, offer Arghya to Lord Surya.
Chant Surya Mantras while offering Arghya.
After this one must worship Lord Vishnu.
Do not forget to recite Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra during worship.
This lesson not only gives peace but also brings good fortune.
Donate food grains, clothes, oil etc. especially to Brahmin or any poor person on the day of Karka Sankranti.
During the worship of Lord Vishnu as well as Sun God on Karka Sankranti, definitely sing his aarti.
Don’t start this day by forgetting anything new or important.
The day of Karka Sankranti is only for worship, meditation, charity service. PLC/GT


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