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In an effort to create awareness on cancer and make healthcare reachable to weaker sections, Life Wins Foundation in association with Safal Vikas Welfare society and Indian Cancer Society organized a free cancer awareness and screening camp in Malvani, Malad West. More than 100 people were examined in the camp, majority of which were women.  A team of experts examined the men & women who came from nearby neighbourhoods and the specific focus was on sensitising and screening for oral, breast and cervical cancer. The following tests were conducted after registration during the camp – complete oral examination for oral cancer, comprehensive gynaecological examination along with pap smear by gynaecologist for women and complete physical check-up for men.

This screening drive is a part of Foundation’s sensitization program aimed at creating much needed awareness on the significance of early detection of cancer which can enable early treatment and better outcomes. Life Wins Foundation aims to serve the humanity and uplift the down-trodden and underprivileged section of the society. It has been constantly working towards the cause of cancer awareness through various initiatives such as organizing mobilization meetings in the community by giving audio-visual presentations, verbal presentations using charts and pictures to create awareness, organizing free screening camps for the underprivileged section of the society and also raising funds for treatment of poor patients suffering from Cancer.

“We intend to expand this kind of initiative with the support of various institutions and aim to eliminate the stigma encircled around this disease due to lack of awareness. Early detection and preventive care is the only way this disease can be controlled to a great extent. Moving ahead on the same lines, Malvani camp is the third camp of Life Wins Foundation and we aim to conduct around 100 camps in the next 2 years” said Shomali , Co-Founder, Life Wins Foundation.

“We thank all people who were involved in making this a success. These cancer screening camps are tiny yet essential steps in the long and ambitious journey that Life Wins Foundation has set itself for. We are deeply grateful to Cranfield University Alumni in India who generously supported for this camp. Every bit of support goes a long way in enabling us to raise awareness on cancer among under privileged population. We need active participation of more NGOs and corporates to come forward and actively engage in providing preventive healthcare services” said Praveen Johri, Trustee, Life Wins Foundation.

“Cancer is the leading cause of death globally, taking a heavy toll of human lives and destroying families of the cancer patients due to mental agony and heavy cost of treatment. Most of the patients are detected with the disease in the advanced stages leaving very less hope of survival. Prevention and Early detection is the only way to save the precious life” said Manju Mulchandani,Co Founder , Life Wins Foundation.


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