WhatsApp hacking prevention
WhatsApp hacking prevention

has millions of users around the world, who use it to stay connected with their friends and family. The past few weeks have seen a huge increase in international calls from unknown numbers. These calls are both audio and video, but the increasing number has brought the government to notice.

WhatsApp, on its part, has also said that it will sharpen its AI and ML systems to reduce such incidents. Even though the government and WhatsApp are doing their part, it is also important for ordinary WhatsApp users to be careful. To avoid such scams, here are some simple things they should keep in mind.

Some scammers claim to be part of HR of MNC

The scammers usually pose as HR of a multinational company and offer simple work from home jobs. These jobs talk about paying a lot of money for doing simple tasks.

These scammers are quite persuasive during their calls. Many of them are well versed and know the subject. They usually offer attractive rewards for simple, easy tasks. These include things as simple as liking YouTube videos or social media posts or sharing them with friends. Scammers initially make their victims pay for these tasks in order to earn their trust.

After paying the user a couple of times, they ask “if they want to complete more tasks and earn more money”. If the user says yes, they assign them some more tasks, some of which are usually The tasks are as simple as at first. However, thereafter, the tasks involve investing a small amount with the promise of getting double or triple returns. And, this is where the scam begins.

Calls come from these international numbers

WhatsApp users are receiving these scam calls and messages from international numbers +254, +84, +63, +1(218). These country codes are for Vietnam, Kenya, Ethiopia and Malaysia.

WhatsApp ‘nude video call’ scam

Another common WhatsApp scam is the ‘nude video call scam’ which is also a part of this international call scam. In this, users receive video calls or missed video calls. What happens is that scammers make WhatsApp video calls to strangers and if a man picks up the phone, a naked woman appears on the other end and if a woman picks up the call, a naked man appears.

Its purpose is to blackmail users

Scammers record these videos and then use it to blackmail the victim.

Avoid receiving calls from international numbers

The best way to avoid getting scammed is to avoid answering messages or calls from these numbers. The best way is to block and report these calls as soon as you receive them.

don’t call back

To avoid falling for international video call scams, never pick up these calls or call back when you receive missed calls from international numbers.


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