The festival of Holi is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Let us tell you that according to the Vedic calendar, Holika Dahan is done on Phalgun Purnima during the Pradosh period. Also Holi is played on the next day i.e. Chaitra Krishna Pratipada. Which is known as Dulhendi. Whereas this year Holika Dahan will be done on the evening of March 7 and Holi will be played on March 8. But we will tell you about such auspicious things, bringing home on the day of Holi can solve all your money related problems. Let us know what are these things…

Ekakshi coconut – After worshiping Ekakshi coconut, keeping it in the vault never leads to shortage of food and money. The second is to take a watery coconut and throw it 7 or 21 times in the clockwise direction from the top of a patient or suffering person and put it in the fire of Holika. This will make the crisis go away. After putting coconut, do 7 parikramas of Holika and pray to the presiding deity. If any kind of crisis is arising due to Rahu, then take a coconut shell and fill linseed oil in it. Put some jaggery in it and put this ball in the burning bonfire. This will end the bad effect of Rahu. Burning coconut in the burning fire after Holika Dahan removes job obstacles.


Poles – When the two poles of Holi are decorated for Holika Dahan, then they are also covered with Chunar. One of the two sticks is the symbol of Holika and the other is of Prahlad.

Batashe – Mata Lakshmi loves Batashe. This pleases Maa Lakshmi and blesses you with prosperity. With this, you will also get immense success in every work. By putting it in the fire of Kheel Batashe on the day of Holika Dahan, every obstacle in life is destroyed.

Cow dung cakes are used for Holika Dahan which are stored around the Danda of Holi. Along with this, by making a hole in the middle of the seven kandas, thread of cotton or moonj is threaded in it and it is decorated in Holi, which is called Bharbholiya. Before Holika Dahan, by hitting it on the brothers and throwing it in the fire of Holi, the crisis that has come on the brother is removed. In the villages, pots are also stored.

Wheat Ears – The wheat crop ripens during Holi. This is the reason why crops and animals are worshiped on the occasion of Holi in villages. Wheat earring is required for Holika worship, which is also known as Hola. There is a tradition of offering new grains to the fire of Holi. The new crop is first offered to the deities through fire.

Silver coin – If on the day of Holi, tie black turmeric, 11 Gomti Chakra, silver coin and 11 yellow cowries in a yellow cloth and chant Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudev Namah 108 times and do 11 parikramas of Holi and then turn back. Enter the house without being noticed and put all the ingredients together in the safe. By throwing Gomti Chakra, cowries and batashes from one’s self in the burning Holi, every obstacle in life is destroyed.

11 Gomti Chakra – Wrap 11 Gomti Chakra in yellow cloth and keep it in the cash box, money will start to last. Tying black turmeric, 11 Gomti Chakras, silver coin and 11 yellow cowries in a yellow cloth, do 11 parikramas of Holi and without looking back, enter the house directly and keep all these materials together at the place of keeping the money. This experiment brings progress in business. Peace and prosperity comes in the house.

Colors – Colors are very important on Holi. You should buy colors to play Holi with colors and to make Rangoli. On festivals and many auspicious occasions, the house-courtyard is beautifully decorated with Rangoli. Due to this, there is auspiciousness in the family.

Molly – Because of tying Molly around the wrist, it is also called Kalava. Its Vedic name is Upa Manibandha. During worship, it is tied on the wrist after the bandhaka of the Gods and Goddesses.

Yarn thread – Holika or Holi is worshiped by wrapping a yarn thread on the stick. This thread is wrapped in the same way as it is wrapped around the banyan tree on the day of Sitalashtami.

Betel nut – When worship is performed by offering sacred thread on the betel nut of worship, this unbroken betel nut becomes the form of Gauri Ganesh. But when this betel nut is kept in Lakshmi Puja after worshiping it and keeping it in the vault, Lakshmi starts residing permanently in the house and good luck starts coming from it.

Lotus plant – Just as Goddess Lakshmi originated from the sea, similarly Makhana also originated from water. Makhana is obtained from the lotus plant.

Cotton – Cotton has great importance in worship and aarti. Cotton or cotton is pure. This is how the lamp is lit.

Moti Shankh – The conch shell is one of the fourteen precious gems obtained during the churning of the ocean. Being born with Lakshmi, it is also called Lakshmi Bhrata. This is the reason why Lakshmi resides in the house where there is conch shell. On the day of Holi, pearl conch shell should be bought and kept at home. This increases wealth and prosperity.

Camphor– By burning camphor, there is a cure for Devdosh and Pitridosh. Often people complain that we may have Pitridosh or Kaal Sarpdosh. Actually, it is just the effect of Rahu and Ketu. It is also a custom to put it in the Holi fire.

Sugarcane – Along with wheat, the sugarcane crop also grows during Holi. Sugarcane is also offered in the Holi fire during Holika Dahan. Sugarcane is necessary in the worship of Mata Holika and Mata Lakshmi.

White figs – On the day of Holi, bring home the root of white figs at an auspicious time and get a scholar worshiped. Then install it in the vault.

Black Turmeric – While worshiping before Holika Dahan, apply vermilion mixed with ghee after purifying black turmeric in auspicious Siddha Muhurta. Keep it in a silver plate. Show Google sunshine. Light a lamp of ghee. Enjoy sweets. After this tie it in red silk cloth with silver coins. Then keep it in the safe or where you keep the money. This experiment increases wealth.

Surahi – It is said that by buying an earthen jug on this day and filling it with water and installing it in the north-east angle, wealth and prosperity are formed. Summer also starts from the day of Holi.


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