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Building Capacity of Elected Representatives and Functionaries of PRIs:Exploring Public Private Partnership (PPP) option

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Ministry of Panchayati Raj supports the Capacity Building & Training (CB & T) initiatives at the level of States through its various programmes including Backward Region Grant Fund (BRGF) and Rashtriya Gram Vikas Yojana (RGSY). For concerted development of rural areas through the local bodies the elected representatives and functionaries require regular CB & T to help prepare them to deliver effectively on their responsibilities. This was the expression of Shri A.N.P. Sinha, Secretary in the Ministry of Panchayati Raj while inaugurating a PRI CB & T Meet on Building Capacity of Elected Representatives and Functionaries of PRIs: Exploring Public Private Partnership (PPP) option here today at India Habitat Centre. Shri Sinha said the existing CB & T infrastructure need proper strengthening as in its present form it is only able to reach about one-third of over30 lakh elected representatives and officials associated with the three tiers of Panchayats in the Country. Shri Sinha said that in order to confront these challenges, the MoPR has been exploring options that may fall beyond the conventional approaches but has the potential to provide some lead to ensure 100% training coverage and quality assurance in a time bound manner. He said since the PRIs share the responsibility of planning and implementing Centrally sponsored schemes and State programmes at the grass root level along with the line departments, the PRIs are increasingly expected to play a role in integrated decentralised planning at district, block, Gram Panchayat and village levels. To achieve the larger goal, the Ministry is now planning to propose engage players from the open market, who are interested in getting involved in the delivery of Capacity Building and Training Programmes in the States/UTs, Shri Sinha added. Under the over all intellectual guidance and supervision of the State/UT Panchayati Raj Departments (PRDs), and/ or a designated nodal agency, these players could be engaged in planning CB &T programmes, developing State- specific materials, delivery of programmes, and handling issues concerning institutional capacity development. The States/UTs-specific PRDs, henceforth referred as Service Seekers and the organisations interested in getting involved in the delivery of CB &T related programmes in different States, henceforth referred as Service Providers, with the intention to bring them together to explore possibilities of future cooperation to undertake the task in a systematic and time bound manner under the broader concept of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model, under which the work could be outsourced to the Service Providers under appropriate terms and conditions. The objective of PRI CB&T Business Meet is to provide a platform to the Service Seekers and the Service Providers to meet each other, and open a dialogue with an intention to explore possibilities of future engagement to help effectively deliver on the CB & T programmes towards the larger goal of strengthening Panchayati Raj Institutions and empowering



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