Bridal Makeup – a unique art in itself


–  Nalin Verma –

You know what’s the best thing about our Indian culture? It is its exquisite nature. Even though different rituals and customs exist throughout our country, all are respected and loved. India, being a culturally rich country, has 29 states, each holding their unique marriage rituals.

Marriage – the romanticism, the flamboyance, the glittery affair which is like a dreamy fairytale for a couple, covers everything from music to mehendi, delicious culinary delights to mouth-watering desserts, colourful ambience, fashionable costumes, ravishing makeup, etc. Apart from all the differences, ‘Bridal Makeup’ is one aspect that is common in all different marriage cultures.

With time, bridal makeup has evolved; gone are the days when women would go to the local salons for makeup on their wedding day. Today, everyone urges to hire a professional who is aware of the latest trends in the market, uses the best products, and can transform the face beautifully. The pressure of ‘looking good’ has reached a new level, all credits to HD photography and videography, and the social network craze.

On that big day, the bride is the real spark of the marriage. Every woman’s dream is to look the most beautiful on her wedding day; her attire, her makeup, eventually becomes the talk of the day. It is very likely that she is quite stressed too. Among the many things, brides are extremely concerned about their ‘makeup’ on the wedding day.

Bridal makeup can be categorized into two broad categories, namely Traditional Bride Makeup and Modern Bride Makeup. In India, mostly, the traditional makeup carries the crown as many brides want to follow the traditional way to look the most gorgeous on this utmost special day. However, one needs to follow a complete procedure in order to get that classic look; starting from the face makeup, to the eye makeup and then to the lips, each of it creates an important impact on the beauty of the bridal look.

Slowly and steadily, modern makeup has crossed boundaries of western countries and entered India. This trend is being adorned by innumerable women across the world and by modern Indian brides too. It highlights the ‘look natural’ way. The emphasis of the makeup is on keeping the natural look, e.g., nude lips with a simple eye makeup. It contains all of the perfect elements – flawless skin, defined eyes, lashes and a natural lip color.

In modern makeup, hair styling of the bride embraces the entire look – trendy and feminine. A clean, red-color-lips paired with minimal makeup, look will always be effortless and beautiful for modern brides. Eyelash application can elevate one’s look, from every-day to bridal, as well. These days, the trend for bridal makeup incorporates natural, radiant and dewy skin as many brides want to look natural. The popular eye makeup tones are blush, taupe, grey, and soft browns. They match well with minimal lashes and soft eyeliners, and lips colored in blush and berry tones.

Even though modern bride makeup has become trendy nowadays, traditional bride makeup that feels comfortable and flatters one’s skin tone, is always in demand. Most importantly, achieving the perfect skin tone is at the top of the bride’s wish-list, irrespective of the latest trends.

Finding an experienced makeup artist, who will complement the bridal makeup with the bridal wear and accessories as well as with the wedding style, is essential to the process of the getting that perfect look. A skilled and an experienced makeup artist understand how to highlight the visible features and hide the flaws of their client.

Many brides, especially those on a budget, make the mistake of hiring an amateur makeup artist for their bridal beauty needs. Only a professionally trained artist will have the expertise in beautifying a bride; sculpting and transforming her facial features, and concealing her flaws.

Also, who says that ‘Makeup is only for women?’ After all, the wedding day is the most special day for the groom too. He also wants to feel like a king on that day. Well, the concept of groom makeup is highly gaining popularity.

Grooms should apply foundation, matching their natural skin tone, on the face. A full-face coverage is the most vital aspect in groom makeup as they usually don’t wear eyeliners, mascaras or lipsticks. Nowadays, most grooms follow the recent trend of keeping a beard or stubble. Using some gel or oil to keep the beard smooth and set, is a good rule of thumb. Lastly, a clear lip balm to make the lips smooth and prevent their chapping completes the groom’s look.

Marriage is a lifetime knot with the most special person of one’s life. On that very special day, the bride and groom both take a vow to live together forever. Therefore, they should look the best and adorn a smile throughout.


About the Author

Nalin Verma

Author & Entrepreneur

Co-Founder & Director, Euro Chroma Institute of Cosmetology (ECIC), the only institute in India supported by Kryolan Professional Makeup.

Disclaimer : The views expressed by the author in this feature are entirely his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of INVC NEWS.


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