Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

Break has come with a very large cost for many

Bhumi Pednekar spills the beans on her quarantine routine on Filmfare Lockdown Conversations, “For the first time in so many years I am not following a diet”


Mumbai ,  

Filmfare’s latest video series Filmfare Lockdown Conversations hosted by editor Jitesh Pillaai, that takes the audience through the lives of popular Bollywood actors during the lockdown had  the very talented and versatile Bhumi Pednekar in its latest episode. The versatile actress shared details about her quarantine routine in the episode of this candid conversation video series.

Talking about how the quarantine has brought a change in her life, Bhumi said, “I feel that this break has come with a very large cost for many. But personally, I did require a break because I have been actively working for the past four years. I have been spending time with my sister and mother and it made me realise that there is nothing above the safety of your loved ones. I am also reading and studying a lot. I am reading my old history books and I am also learning programming because the world of computers is alien to me. I have also been studying about climate change because that’s something very close to my heart. I have also become a baker. One day I wanted to eat banana bread, but my mother and sister didn’t cook for me. So, I had to enter the kitchen and bake it myself. For the first time in so many years I am not following any diet. I am doing intermittent fasting, but I am eating everything like roti, rice and just about everything. My first meal of the day is 2.30 pm and last is at 8.30 pm and I work out every morning on an empty stomach. So, I am chilling a lot. It’s all good.”


Catch the diva as she reveals more about the quality time she is spending with her family under lockdown, her stereotype-breaking films, and why she has not been in a long-term relationship lately, and much more only on Filmfare Lockdown Conversations. New episodes of the video series release every Tuesday and Friday at 5 PM across Filmfare’s social media platforms.



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