Brazilian legend Pele in critical condition

great footballer Pele
great footballer Pele

The condition of Brazilian footballer great Pele, who is battling cancer, is not improving. He is hospitalized in Sao Paulo. Pele has celebrated the Christmas festival here. Pele’s health has been steadily declining, affecting his kidneys and heart. According to the hospital, the 82-year-old footballer has been kept under special care. His kidneys and kidneys have been affected.

Even his detractors are praying for the great footballer Pele. Romario, one of Brazil’s great footballers and one-time opponent of Pele, has sent a message to Pele on Christmas, wishing him well. Romario has said in the message that the whole world is looking towards you and praying for your recovery. Pele’s daughter Kelly Nascimento showed Romario’s message to her father.

Romario, who scored 542 goals in 698 matches, said in the message that King, get well soon, I am sure, the whole world is looking at you and praying for your recovery. Get well soon, I kiss your heart.

Romario, who scored five goals in Brazil’s 1994 World Cup triumph, criticized Pele in 2007. He took a dig at Pele, saying that he is a poet who does not speak. Pele also reacted strongly to Romario’s statement. Since then both never saw eye to eye with each other. The same Romário has wished for the recovery of Pele admitted in Albert Einstein Hospital. PLC/GT


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