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Thursday, June 24th, 2021

Brazil is similar to India in various ways

Mannuela-Ramos-da-Costa,-SaINVC NEWS New Delhi,

The delegates from Brazil while addressing the press gathering at BRICS Film Festival said that India is a culturally rich and diverse country and Brazil is similar to India in various ways. The Cast and crew of the Brazilian films described the idea behind the movies, along with their experience while shooting the films. They also talked about the importance of Brazil’s participation in the BRICS Film Festival. Speaking on the occasion about the movie They’ll Come Back, Maria Luiza Tavares, Actress, said that, the movie was shot in the year 2011, when she was 13 year old. Since 2015, she has been travelling across the world in various film festivals for the screening of the film and she has learnt a lot since then. “They’ll Come Back” film is about the story of Cris and Peu, her elder brother, who are left on the side of a road by their own parents, to punish them for fighting constantly during a trip to the beach. After a few hours, realizing that their parents will not return, Peu part in search of a gas station. Cris remains in place for a whole day and, without news of her parents or brother, decides to go by herself the way back home. Isabel Martinez, Producer of Road 47 said that, Road 47 is a very important movie for the world as it portrays a never discussed chapter of military history of the World War 2. The world is not familiar with the participation of the troupes of 25,000 Brazilian Soldiers in the allied forces in Italy. Road 47 is not an action movie, but describes the participation of Brazil in the war and has been shot mostly in Italy. “Road 47” movie follows the trajectory of the landmine clearance unit from the Brazilian Expeditionary Force who, after a panic attack, is trying to get tempers and defuse the mined road that separates them from a village monitored by the axis forces. Cristiane De Stefano Feo, Assistant Director “Between valleys”, while sharing her experience, said that, Shooting the movie in one of the world’s biggest dumpsters was very challenging, while not disrupting the on-going work of dumping. Another task was learning the lifestyle of the people living in the dumpsters who had lost their identity in the struggle to live. “Between Valleys” film is about an economist Vicente, who is the father of Caio and married to Marina, a dedicated dentist. He leads an ordinary life both at home and work. However, a loss followed by another ultimately leads him to a life completely miserable. He changes his name and starts living in a garbage dump. It was quite a challenge to find a North Eastern Brazilian girl who was actually 18, but looked 14, as the movie required so. They travelled for several days, looking for a perfect locations and an isolated village was chosen to shoot the film, described Ana Stella De Almeida Quesado, Producer- History of Eternity. “History of Eternity” film takes place in a small village in the hinterland; three stories of love and desire and how they are changing the emotional landscape of its residents. Characters of a Romanesque world, in which their conceptions of life are limited on one side by human instincts, are blinded by the fatalist fate.



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