Brake Fail emergency tips
Brake Fail emergency tips

Brake Fail: What to do if the brakes of the car fail? Learn emergency tips

No one knows when a fault may occur in which part of the vehicle while driving a car. And you are driving your car at high speed but suddenly you come to know that the brakes of your car are not working, then in such a situation it is sure to panic. This situation can happen to anyone at any time, and very few people are aware of what to do in this situation. No one would ever want to get trapped in such a situation, but if you have to face it, then you must be aware of what is in store for you. That’s why today we are going to tell you that if the brake of the vehicle fails, then keeping in mind what things can be avoided from any big loss.

Don’t worry at all

If such a situation comes in front of you at any time, then you should not panic. When this happens, instead of panicking, try to stay calm and try to stop the car in the right way. If the brakes of a moving car are not applied, then one should try to bring the car from high gear to first or second gear by gradually reducing the speed of the car.

Press brake repeatedly
Many times the reason for not applying the brakes is that the brakes do not get the right pressure. That’s why one should keep trying to apply brakes again and again. This is because by doing this again and again there is a possibility that the brakes will get the right pressure and again the brakes will start working less but again. The car can be stopped even if the brakes are less than this.

Do not use reverse gear
Many people think that the best way to stop a car is to engage reverse gear. This will cause the car to go backward instead of going forward, which will stop the car. But this does not happen. Rather, applying reverse gear increases the risk of accident.

Use lights and horn
Car lights and horn should be used instead of reverse gear. Usually people do not turn on the headlights of the car during the day time and do not use the horn continuously. But if someone continuously uses the horn and headlights of the car, then it comes in the eyes of other drivers. Therefore, if the brakes of the car do not work, then along with the light and horn, use all the four indicators of the car, so that other cars will get the signal.

When to use the handbrake
Along with the brakes, a handbrake is also provided in the car. It is harmful to use it wrongly when the brake fails, but if used at the right time, it helps to stop the car. In such a situation, handbrake should never be used when the car is in speed, otherwise the car may overturn. Before using the handbrake, bring the car up to speed of 30 to 40 kmph and then try to use it. Along with this, it should also be kept in mind that there should not be any other vehicle in front-behind, right-left.

Better off road
In case of brake failure of the car, efforts should be made to take the car away from the road. This is because there may be a risk of colliding with other vehicles on the road. But if there is an unpaved road or mud somewhere near the road, then it helps to stop the car by reducing the speed at such a place.

If there is sand or mud around, then keep the vehicle under control and put it on the sand or gravel. This will reduce the speed of the car considerably.

Give information to the police
Whenever such a situation arises, it is better to take the help of the police. Give information about this by calling the police helpline and also tell your location. By doing this, you will be able to get help from the nearest PCR and ambulance. Along with this, the police will be able to try to ensure that your vehicle does not collide with other vehicles. PLC/GT


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